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Friday, 17 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 8

Today we have continued with our Into Film project, studying the Girl and the Fox. We finally watched the film all the way through after 7 sessions of drip feeding the film. The joy of finding out that we would get to see it all was clear.

We then worked as a class to note all of the main events of the film and wrote it down on a whiteboard. We then decided as a class which were the ones that the girl was directly involved with. We also narrowed them down to the 10 most important events via elimination and merging of events.

As a class we discussed what emotions the girl would be feeling in this story and began ranking them in order of severity and delight.

Following this we created our emotion graphs for the girl in the film, tracking her feelings throughout the story. Finally, we used Explain Everything to record our explanations of certain areas of our graphs using the laser pen function to highlight and make clear on the graphs.

Here are some of our efforts:

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  1. Hi this is vary good work eckspeshally porfor and every one did good from jake