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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Goliath's speech as Winston Churchill! (Toady Away - Morris Gleitzman

We have been studying Morris Gleitzman's Toady Away and in particular, the character Goliath. We loved Goliath's passion and his desire to start a war with humans to avenge the death of his 'rellies'. We have been studying the use of idioms to add interest to writing. We looked at Winston Churchill's 'Fight on the beaches' speech and thought about how we could adapt this for a speech in role as Goliath.

Here are our efforts:

Ryan O
Ryan T

Monday, 1 June 2015

SchoolsFL Fantasy Football Final Positions - 2014-2015

Congratulations to Tilly who has won our SchoolsFL Fantasy Football competition again for a second year running. She finished first with a total points tally of 1186. second place was Mr Clement with a points tally of 1129.

Our First placed parent was Tilly's mum who finished third overall. The leading class team was Year 5/6 who finished just outside the top 10 in 11th.

The Final Positions

PosTeam NameManager NameGLSASSPoints
1-Tilly's Silly Billy'sTilly Russell83431186
2-The SignetsMr Clement62551129
3-Onesies UtdKaren Russell (Tilly's Mum)73471103
4-Harribo CityMiss Harry58481094
5-Any Other BiscuitsMr Griffiths64391089
6-Team RobertsMr Roberts64531076
7-Brynna FC rejectsTaffy Ayoub70461068
8-Have HopeMr Arthur54521053
9-Bound ToulouseMolly Harris66561044
10-AC ALittleSilhouette Of MilanFreya Harris58521030
11-Year 5/6 UnitedYear 5661531013
12-Pitch PerfectBarry Small65441008
13-THE EAGLESDylan Ayoub6537975
14-Tasha's tigersNatasha Batacan5450959
15-Roz of the RoversMiss Hughes4748911
16-White house FCLewis White5227879
17-Rainbow CupcakesEleanor Hibbitts-white4142878
18-Swiss-blossomBeth Edgar5842871
19-Bears in the WoodEleri Roberts5037868
20-Llanharan RangersIan Hibbitts4538838
21-Y pant 11TJ Ayoub4840831
22-Megan's Monkeys!Megan Batacan4040829
23-Battys unitedJeff Batacan3639819
24-Llanharan - Maisiemaisie rees3721818
25-Mother Knows BestRebecca Batacan4336815
26-Danni's Best TeamDanielle Williams3441813
27-Year 1/2 CityYear 1/25023802
28-She was only XIMr Smith4240787
29-NewthsDewi Newton5038786
30-attackerskaiden davies4431772
31-Lewis UnitedCassie Lewis4224754
32-Year 3-4 Rangersyear 3/43832751
33-The playersDylan Ballinger4826746
34-Team winnersAiden Lock4649741
35-Corum Unitedcorum bat4633720
36-Girls RuleCaitlin Farnham4022716
37-Green MachinesGracie Green2841715
38-Price UnitedMrs Price4021709
39-Bamf Bamf BamfMiss Bamford3320709
40-Boss BoysMaya Batacan3527708
41-the hartrachel davies3419683
42-P B unitedpheobe battersby2623663
43-The best lewisamie lewis2717661
44-Ryantron 2000'sRyan Tokeley2736652
45-Trickys TerriersRichard Case3443647
46-The Darlingselle darlington2836644
47-Ciaran Evans UnitedIcarian Evans3116641
48-Morgan Unitedmelissa morgan2528641
49-Valentine's winKatie Scarrott1914636
50-TickattackersRyan O'Neill2926618
51-Jones Wins Yeah!Maddie Jones3317615
52-Hopkins Citylynda hopkins2333615
53-Living AwesomenessEllis Stroud2837612
54-Bamford WalesDaisy Bamford1437603
55-Samay UnitedSamay Daliwal3422599
56-LIAMS TEAMLiam Lewis2417599
57-The TaylorsChloe Taylor2018598
58-morris/United$$Keegan morris3113588
59-Jade's team is the best!Jade Shears3416584
60-Best team in the WORLD!Karina Roberts1918576
61-Super BaylissEliza Baylis316574
62-Horton's Whos?Leah Horton2333559
63-BethanyCatlin Evans2222543
64-The RubiesRuby How2314525
65-Mal's teamMalea Stroud1927507
66-Rebbecca C UnitedRebecca Conakry2126506
67-Aaron L roversaaron lewis2316505
68-iestyn rules#sickIestyn Morris1715496
69-Denrard Roversdenrard dulais2728494
70-Star TeamJenna White1712491
71-Dylans DynamosDylan Case3019483
72-Bethany CaseBethany Case3022477
73-Cam Cam FunlandCameron Armstrong189469
74-Yma's Welsh WarriorsYma DimAbsennol98437
75-Super durhamsLucie Durham1312428
76-The kiceresLaetitia Wihgting116394
77-Francis strikersJake Frantic209392
78-CHD UnitedCain Davies2310373
79-Dibble team captainheather Diblhughs1623371
80-Mifsuds Are on Our SideSamuel Mifsud1718365
81-May UB Unitedellie may1831361
82-FarrahFarrah Green137328
83-Josh Unitedjosh O117319