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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream fairy Haikus

We have tried our hand at capturing a moment in time of what it would be like to walk through a woodlands in a Midsummer Night's Dream, looking at the world of the fairies.

After a brief history of Haikus and what they were we started to look for interesting adjectives, then using a thesaurus to find better synonyms.

We then had a go at writing some Haikus.

Lead Creative School - Final sessions

We had our final two sessions of our Lead Creative School A Midsummer Night's Dream project over the last two weeks.

Our main focus has been on creating an end production to showcase everything that we have worked on during the project. We decided a few weeks back that we would take on the challenge of exploring the wider world of the fairies within the play via the use of documentaries.

We continued to develop our understanding of drama techniques with Gareth and Ronnie and Ally by playing some games. We have enjoyed learning how to play these games with some particular favourites being the number game (even though we couldn't get any higher than nine) and popcorn.

We developed these further by looking at the hello/goodbye game, where we took the clapping element of popcorn and transferred it to saying hello or goodbye dependent on what side of the circle we were on. This also developed our way of saying words to express emotions fully as we had to say them in different ways with appropriately matched responses.

We then began developing our storyboards for our group documentaries based on the fairy worlds. We decided what aspects of the fairy world we were going to be working on and started storyboarding and scripting them. We also decided what type of documentary we would be making, whether it would be a nature style one, or a fly on the wall one with a narrator who would interact with the fairies.

We then began thinking about how to record these documentaries - whether this would be by using still frame shot of different tableau, with narration over the top, or by filming using a real life technique.

We are still in the process of making these documentaries and will add them to the blog/youtube channel when they are ready.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Moving on Up 2017

We were visited by Pencoed Comprehensive School today for their Moving On Up transition programme. The drama department came to showcase pieces from the lower school's production of High School Musical. We then had the opportunity to learn parts of the song and dance routine in different groups.

Here are some videos of the action:

Here are some photos from the session:

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lead Creative School Session 5

We had our fifth session this morning in our Lead Creative School Project on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Ronni and Ally took us through the processes of making stories and showed us what features genres had. With a focus switching firmly to documentaries, we tried to identify what their main features were.

We then looked at inserting our created fairies into this world and played about with imagining how someone like David Attenborough would comment on their daily routines.

We played about with creating a scene whereby two different tribes of fairies were fighting it out over some prey with a narrator commenting on it.

Here is a video showing some of what we got up to:

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Lead Creative Schools Session 4

Here is a video of session 4 of  our Lead Creative Schools, A Midsummer Night's Dream project. As I was not present this day I am relying on Year 4/5/6 to tell me what they did via the comments.

Eisteddfod 2017

Here is a video with highlights from this year's Junior Eisteddfod

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

St David's Day 2017

As part of our Eisteddfod celebrations, Year 4/5/6 were given the challenge of creating an iMovie trailer promoting Wales and Welshness.

Here are some of our efforts.