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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Enterprise Project - Surveys

As part of the Fiver project we have been setting up mini enterprises in groups of 5. In those groups we have pooled together our £5s, come up with business names, logos and products.

To undertake market research we have created surveys using surveymonkey

If at all possible, could you please respond?

Fountains Galore
Sweet Treats
Cookies Royale
Smoothie Shack

Into Film Project - Session 12 - Part 2

Today we have been finalising our 'The Girl and the Fox' inspired storyboards. We then sequenced them and put them into a 'Shot sequence book' in preparation for filming.

To see how the film is going to look we then used iMovie to film the storyboard. This gave us a good sense of understanding how long each shot needed to be and what sounds may be needed.

Here are three of our group's filmed storyboards:

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 12 part 1

A brief update on where we are with our fantastic Into Film project based on the short film 'The Girl and the Fox'.

Over the past few days, we have been split off into five groups and have begun the process of planning films inspired by 'The Girl and the Fox'. We have looked at the themes identified by our Wordle and selected those that we feel we want to tackle.

In our groups we started thought showering ideas for films and then negotiating between us on what sounds like the best ideas.

Finally, we came up with five film ideas:
The five film ideas decided upon were: Magic curtain; Magic glasses; Lost in the woods; Pajama drama in school; and The vanishing football.

We then revised camera angles and discussed which types were best suited for certain scenes. Next we story-mapped out our ideas for our films. Following this, working back in our groups, we sat down and used a laptop to type out our stories with the potential camera angle suggestions on.

Finally we started to draw out our storyboards. We went for the idea of cutting the storyboards up into individual strips for each shot so more of us could work independently to build up the film quicker. We will then glue these, in order, on A3 paper as our filming plan.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 11

We had a bit of an experimental session today!

We were looking at trying to put ourselves in the mind of the girl from the film via an interview session. We started off by hot seating the girl in a fan style question and answer session.

We then wanted to put ourselves into the film, directly asking the girl our questions and giving her responses. Now, we had two problems, both cartoon app and green screen were not available to use for one reason or other. Through experimentation we decided to try to make comic style images using Explain Everything. This meant that we had to import a screen cap from the film; take a photo of ourselves; use the trim tool to cut around it; add text, making it clear who was speaking.

This was great fun and the results looked alright... especially for a bit of an experiment!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 10

We continued with our project today but studying different camera types. We discussed why these different shots would be used and the power they could hold. We then looked at screen caps from the Girl and the Fox and debated what shots were used.

Using a sentence starter scaffold we looked at generating sentences to go alongside each shot. We thought showered these and then shared wrote some examples on the board. Following this, we had a go at writing our own.

Pinc worked with Mr Roberts and used Explain Everything to record their sentences:

Here are some of the examples from the rest of the class. (click to make bigger)









Monday, 20 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 9

With little time being available to us today (45 minutes!) we combined a few activities. We started off by discussing a role on the wall of the girl, thinking about what she thought (written in her head) what she would feel (written on her torso). Around the outside we wrote what we thought others would think about her.

Here are some examples:

We then discussed the central themes of the film. We wrote these on our word collection form and these were then collated into a wordle to find out what the most popular were.

Our Wordle:

Friday, 17 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 8

Today we have continued with our Into Film project, studying the Girl and the Fox. We finally watched the film all the way through after 7 sessions of drip feeding the film. The joy of finding out that we would get to see it all was clear.

We then worked as a class to note all of the main events of the film and wrote it down on a whiteboard. We then decided as a class which were the ones that the girl was directly involved with. We also narrowed them down to the 10 most important events via elimination and merging of events.

As a class we discussed what emotions the girl would be feeling in this story and began ranking them in order of severity and delight.

Following this we created our emotion graphs for the girl in the film, tracking her feelings throughout the story. Finally, we used Explain Everything to record our explanations of certain areas of our graphs using the laser pen function to highlight and make clear on the graphs.

Here are some of our efforts:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Girl and the Fox - Fakebook

The Year 4 and 5 pupils had a look at the Fakebook app on www.classtools.net yesterday whilst the year 6's were out at the CSCJES pupil participation attendance conference. When the year 6's returned they showed them what they had made on there.

The class was then given the challenge of trying to create a Fakebook profile for the Girl and the Fox at home.

Two girls in particular created their own and brought their codes into school to share.

Here is Eleanor's:
Here is Tilly's:

Into Film Project - Session 7

Today we watched just a little bit more of The Girl and the Fox. We then discussed how could we get the information that we have seen in the film to as many people as possible. This led to a discussion on the media and journalistic techniques. We discussed puns, alliteration, ambiguity and how headlines do not necessarily need to be grammatically correct.

We then used www.classtools.net to use the breaking news app to make our own live breaking news TV screen picture' for the events of 'The Girl and the Fox'.

Here are our efforts:

Monday, 13 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 6

We continued on with our debate of what the little girl should do in the film 'The Girl and the Fox'. After our decision wheel and conscience alley we attempted to show off our knowledge of conversation and digital skills by creating fake SMS messages. Into Film directed us to the fantastic applications available to us via www.classtools.net

We worked in pairs and created a conversation debating the argument: Should the girl kill the fox or let him go?

Here are our conversations: (they may take a while to load so please be patient.)

Cassie and Melissa

Bethan and Freya
Tilly and Jay
Jake and Iestyn

Ellie-May and Dylan

Samay and Kaiden

Cameron and Keegan
Ellie D and Iwan
Lucie and Kiana
Laetitia and Denrard

Into Film Project - Session 5

We moved onto our next sequence of our exciting film project as we continued where we left off with our decision wheel. We re-watched the film up until a pivotal moment involving the two main protagonists. As a class, we paired up and debated the two provocative questions - to kill or not to kill. We then split into pro and con groups and formulated in more opinions. This culminated in the following conscience alley.

So what would you do - kill the fox or let it go?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Into Film project - Session 4

We finally got to watch some of the actual film today...though not much of it. We watched right up until a pivotal moment in the film where the main character is left with a major conundrum.

After this, we introduced a class decision wheel and debated possible ways of dealing with the problem. We then broke off into discussing reasons for going ahead with the problem and reasons against.

Following this whole class discussion we separated into our pairs and filled in our own complete decision wheels.

Here are some of our wheels: