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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 12 part 1

A brief update on where we are with our fantastic Into Film project based on the short film 'The Girl and the Fox'.

Over the past few days, we have been split off into five groups and have begun the process of planning films inspired by 'The Girl and the Fox'. We have looked at the themes identified by our Wordle and selected those that we feel we want to tackle.

In our groups we started thought showering ideas for films and then negotiating between us on what sounds like the best ideas.

Finally, we came up with five film ideas:
The five film ideas decided upon were: Magic curtain; Magic glasses; Lost in the woods; Pajama drama in school; and The vanishing football.

We then revised camera angles and discussed which types were best suited for certain scenes. Next we story-mapped out our ideas for our films. Following this, working back in our groups, we sat down and used a laptop to type out our stories with the potential camera angle suggestions on.

Finally we started to draw out our storyboards. We went for the idea of cutting the storyboards up into individual strips for each shot so more of us could work independently to build up the film quicker. We will then glue these, in order, on A3 paper as our filming plan.


  1. Cutting up the storyboards is a great idea. I can't wait to see the finished films.

  2. It is going to be amazing when we have finished the movies!

    Eliza Bayliss

  3. It is going to be amazing when we finished the moves.