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Thursday, 27 November 2014

YONEX Welsh International Badminton Championships 2014

Today, the juniors went to the YONEX Welsh International Badminton Championships at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff. The day was split up into two sessions of an hour of badminton tuition and an hour watching the badminton competition itself.

Our workshop consisted of warm up games where we had to blow the shuttlecock across the court in a relay and then balancing it on a racquet. Skill sessions were then given before some team games were introduced where we got to apply those skills taught. It was great fun and everyone became enthused with a sport, which was new for most of us. We were all given signed posters of the Welsh players involved in the competition.

We then went off to watch the competition which was set out on four courts with action taking place on each. We all decided to choose players to support and started to make some noise. At one point we were joined by the father of one of the English players, a 15 year old girl called Evie, who asked us to cheer for her and her partner. We agreed and made quite enough noise in the warm up for her to crack a (rather bemused and embarrassed) smile. Unfortunately, her pairs lost their game. We then turned our attention to a Welsh pair, who competed well, led on occasions but ultimately couldn't quite win their match.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed  our visit and a lot more of us have become interested in badminton.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day Assembly 2014

As a culmination of our Fallen Fields topic, looking at the study of World War One, we have been putting together a Remembrance Day Assembly. We have been writing poems inspired by the War, letters to the unknown soldier and prayers for Armistice Day. We have also been studying Hedd Wyn and his poem 'Rhyfel', learning it orally. Finally, for the assembly we have been singing songs which were popular at the time of World War One.

Here are some of the key elements of our assembly.
Hedd Wyn's 'Rhyfel'
Letter to the Unknown Soldier
Poem inspired by World War One
Prayer in Remembrance
Keep the Home Fires Burning

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

SchoolsFL Fantasy Football Week (After Week 3)

It seems the staff have stepped up their game this year in our pupil, parents, friends and staff SchoolsFL Fantasy football league. After Week 3 staff members take up the top 5 positions. 

The lead is held by Mr Griffiths with Mr Roberts in second and Mr Clement 3rd. 

The leading pupil is last year's pupil champion, Tilly in 6th with Molly 7th and Freya 15th. 

The leading parent/friends is Tilly's dad in 8th with Tilly's mum 9th and Natasha B's dad in 10th. 

The class battle is currently being won by Year 5/6 in 14th, Year 3/4 are 2nd in 26th and Year 1/2 in 27th. 

The top 10 after week 3 is:

Mr Griffiths
Mr Roberts
Mr Clement
Miss Harry
Mr Arthur
Tilly Russell
Molly Harris
Barry Small (Tilly's Dad)
Karen Russell (Tilly's Mum)
Jeff Batacan

Friday, 24 October 2014

Wales at War - Blaenavon

We visited Blaenavon World Heritage Centre as part of our Fallen Fields topic, taking part in their Wales at War experience. We visited the Heritage Centre and the Iron Works in quite a fast paced hectic day of learning and fun.

We started off at the Heritage Centre itself and learnt about what children's school life would have been like during the war and had experience of learning tables, chalk board handwriting and drill. We even go to dress in the costumes. We also learnt some sobering facts on how many of our class would have expected to suffer lost family members during the war.

After a quick bight to eat we moved onto the iron works where we learnt about how important industry was to the war effort and also how children took on slightly different jobs at home with their fathers, brothers etc... being at war. We had to make the beds in the workers' cottages and do the washing using washboards.

It was a fast paced day with lots of fun.