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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gallery - Auction: The results

Our art Gallery topic culminated in an auction of produced art pieces to Year 3/4 and Reception. The winning group was Seurat who made a £142 profit on their valuations. Second was Gormley with a profit of £114. The Matisse group made a £111 profit whilst the Warhol group made a £56 profit.

Below are the profit/loss sheets.

1. Seurat
2. Gormley
3. Matisse
4. Warhol

Art: Gallery - The Auction

Here are the 24 items that have been produced by the four art groups ready for today's auction. The groups were given an artist to take as inspiration for their artwork who were: Antony Gormley, Henri Matisse, Georges Seurat and Andy Warhol. The groups produced their pieces and then they peer valued the items and chose two per group that would have a reserve price. Year 3/4 are to be given £100 Llanharan pounds each to purchase the items at auction with Years 1/2 and Reception being given £100 per class to purchase an item. The groups then will have to work out the profit/loss earned against the valuations.