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Friday, 27 November 2015

Lady of Shalott lover letters to Lancelot

We have been revising similes, metaphors and personification and as part of our Lady of Shalott topic we wrote love letters in role as the lead protagonist to her object of affection, Sir Lancelot. Here are a small selection:

The Lady of Shallott
The Tower
The isle of Shallott

Thursday 19th November

Dear Sir Lancelot,

Thou does not know what my real name is, but others refer to me as The Lady of Shallott. I’ am writing to thee, to inform thou that I am thine truly.

I am writing to thee from the Tower of doom and curses where the four wretched great walls separate our love. Weaving my web, I look through the mirror. I see your jade green eyes; they sparkle like a lake at night. Your coal black hair waving in the wind like a surf meeting a shore. 

When I look at thee, I see a handsome hero, full of beauty and bravery. I feel in a daze and my heart jumps when I see you. The sun dances when you ride past on your stallion. I had to look out of the window; I had to escape; I had to meet you 

The curse is upon me! For these are my last words to you dear Sir Lancelot. I… love… you. I will sail away among the frogs and lily-pads. My end will be very soon. 

Yours truly  

The Lady of Shalott

The lady of Shalott
The Tower
The Isle of Shalott
Thursday 19th November
Dear Sir Lancelot,
Thou is writing to thee to say my true feelings. Thou name is unknown but some call me the Lady of Shalott. My heart shatters whenever thee is not with thou and my heart beats with love for thee. This is the last time thou will send thee a letter because I’ll be ascending to a different place.
Thou is writing from my lonely, abandoned tower. I have seen you riding past on your noble stallion who is as tall as a castle. I have loved thee ever since thou saw you on your way to Camelot. I have waited as long as time itself to see someone as sparkly as the brightest star. I had to see you in my secret-revealing mirror (which allows me to see the outside world because I can’t look out of the window because of my curse). I had to look out of the window; the wind whispered my name telling me to look down… and I did!
I would like to thank thee for releasing me from this horrible spell and I will see you again... I hope. I will miss you dearly and hope you will miss me like I will forever you. My last light is gone and I’m going to the land of angels. Goodbye my sweet heart.
Yours faithfully
The Lady of Shalott
The Lady of Shalott
The Tower
The Isle of Shalott

Friday 20th November
Dear Sir Lancelot,

My real name cannot be told, but they call thou the Lady of Shalott. Thou is writing to thee to inform you that when you pass my tower my heart dances with love. It was love at first sight and I hope you feel the same. It’s the last time thou will send thee a letter for I shall be leaving earth to the white world.

Thou is writing from my lonely and desolate tower; no one is around. This tower is a prison tome, the tower is as dark as the night sly without the bright and glistening stars. I’ve been here for many years, trapped against my will. Now it’s too late; a black hearted with has put a curse on me. I’m dying by the minute. From my mirror I see your angelic face.

Thou first saw your beautiful angel face. Your eyes are as green as emeralds glistening in the sun. Thou also gazed upon your long black curls that were windswept while riding your horse. My head shook with love the second my eyes met yours.

Soon I shall leave and never return. Thou thanks thee for letting thou free. Thou shall always love you. I will soon fade away with many memories of you and your angel face. My wishes shall soon come true. 

Yours always,
                The Lady of Shalott


The Lady of Shalott
The Tower
The isle of Shalott
Thursday 19th November 
Dear Sir Lancelot,
Thou name is an ancient mystery but many title me The Lady of Shalott. I am telling thee that thou heart is burning with an everlasting love for thee like two birds of a feather together for ever. This is the first and last message thou will ever send to thee but thou heart will always cry to receive thine love.
Thou hath a curse which affects thou love for thee. The curse’s power is as cruel as a demon eating my soul. Thou mirror showed me thine delightful heart-warming face. However thou had to see it for thou self. Now this dreadful curse is upon me. This life threatening curse has ridden to my soul and taken over my time.
When thee was in my mirror it called thou to see your face. Your horse was an angel with you riding on top. Your armour shouted at me to look at thee. Thou ran three steps across the floor as fast as a cheetah catching it’s pray; I am the cheetah trying to get your soul. Your helmet covered your coal black hair which danced as you rode and your heaven like face was a song in perfect harmony. Your silver armour sung on your skin as you rode and thou will never forget your heavenly face.
Thou now must bid farewell; thou wishes you will meet me a day soon. The walls of rock bullied me all my life until thee came into it, but thou will, thou will come and find thee, even if it’s not even here…
Yours forever
 The Lady of Shalott

Antony Gormley tin foil statues

Today we incorporated our 'how we see things' science topic with our Gallery theme to mix science with art. We investigated how light travels in a straight line by making tin foil structures inspired by Antony Gormley's 'Another Place' installation. We then looked at how they impacted on torch light shining on them and how light was displaced when it hit bumpy, reflective surfaces.

Here are our structures:

New Prologues to the Lady of Shalott

We have been writing our own new prologue verses to the Lady of Shalott, following the pattern of the poem.
Here are our efforts:


'T'is the fairy' the whispers sang,
And the blue-bells simply rang,
The diamonds in the sky they hang,
Above the witch and her gang,
In for Camelot.
She's the mother of Lancelot,
She maybe good or maybe not,
She trapped her there, left to rot,
In the tower of Shalott.


One year her mother went away,
Her dad went missing the next day,
Her prison was where she had to stay,
Strict rules she must always obey,
Locked away from Camelot,
Her life was gloomy all her time,
She hath no lover she lived to pine,
She never had her time to shine,
The child of Shallot.


There was a lady called Daisy,
All the people called her crazy,
She couldn't see things she was hazy,
She was sleeping being lazy,
Stood there in Camelot,
She's the lover of Lancelot,
Another made her jealous she had planned a plot,
She decided to leave rot,
The lady of Shallott.


Huge anger gripped amongst the king,
As a concerned child did sing,
She had done a very dark thing,
Terrible trouble that she bring,
Trapped away in Camelot.
They dragged her out while she was asleep,
Prisoned in a tower she did weep,
All the secrets she would keep,
The Lady of Shalott.


One year her mother rode away,
Her dad died the very next day,
Her dad in a coffin he lay,
Now locked in a tower dark and grey,
Away from Camelot.
Scared she now felt sick,
Thinking and knowing its a trick,
All the tower was made of brick,
Around about Shallot.


There once was a crazy sister,
She had a horrible mister,
Her mum and dad had missed her,
Sir Lancelot kissed her,
Away from Camelot.
Her sister she had hated,
Him she wished she had dated,
If only sir Lancelot had waited,
Down in old shallot.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Charcoal portraits

As we continue our study of all things art in our Gallery topic, today our pupils have been experimenting with charcoal. They were challenged to draw a portrait of a friend in the class.

Here were their efforts:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Stencil Graffiti

After reading up on Banksy we experimented with graffiti by making stencils out of card. 

Here are some of our efforts:

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gallery home research project information

Autumn 2 Home research project – Topic - Gallery
You are to compile a research project on a famous artist (classical, modern, sculpture, photographer). This can be typed or hand written. It cannot be a set of text copied and pasted from a website – it has to be your own work in your own words. It should have a mixture of writing/typing and pictures. These pictures can be copied from the internet; printed out or drawn. I am quite interested in artists I do not know much about – surprise me!

Your research project could be given in the form of a file if wanted. It could also be in the form of a PowerPoint/Prezi/Keynote slideshow presentation, a leaflet or a video.

How long does it need to be? How long is a piece of string?

It would need to have the following:
Personal information about the artist and his family
·        Name
·        Where born
·        Date of birth/death
·        Family life
·        When they started painting and why?
·        Where he lived/lives
Pictures of the artist’s work
Picture of the artist
Most famous/valuable piece
Who were they influenced by?
Who have they influenced?

This research project will need to be in by Friday December 4th

Good luck!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Year 4/5/6 self portraits

To kick off our Gallery topic we looked at articles of the most famous and most expensive paintings ever. We then decided to design our new topic front covers by drawing self portraits using oil pastels. Here are our results.