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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Into Film Project - Session 2

Today we watched the trailer to our mystery film right up until the point before it displayed its title. We discussed what we saw and input this information into Tell Me grids.

We then completed an anagram to work out the film's title.

Finally, we wrote predictions based on our Tell Me grids, focusing on People, Places, Story and Time.

Here is a collection of our predictions:


  1. I want to add more to mine.


  2. I liked this lesson so much

  3. Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying your work. I have followed you every single day and I love what you are doing. My job is to teach teachers and I will be using your work in my training. In fact, on Thursday I will be showing some of our new teachers in Bradford Bethan's anagram and prediction page. I will certainly be using more of your work in the future. I have put a link to your work on my website:
    and will be making this much more obvious in the future. Well done - keep it up - and well done Wales in Euro16 - It's the spirit of Gary Speed.

  4. Many thanks Philip. The pupils have absolutely loved this topic so far and have been impressed at how their own digital literacy and competence skills have developed. I've not been surprised at what they've produced as I know how fantastic they all are.

  5. thats cool eliza