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Friday, 29 June 2012

Stats in Sound Day 5

We had our last Stats in Sound day yesterday with Community Music Wales.

Our pupils were thrown into a full day’s work going through and editing the photographs taken at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. The pupils then started to sort them into three categories focusing on three areas within the Gardens; The Ice House, The Tropical House, The Great Dome.

The next task was to edit the photographs using photoshop to ensure that no humans appeared in their shots. They then put their photographs into the most effective order and then created a slideshow.

One group had the opportunity to write a script for a voiceover to go with the slideshows. Again, this focused on the three selected areas. They then had to read their voiceovers into a microphone, which proved to be quite a nerve wrecking experience.

Groups also had a bonus activity in the afternoon as they went into the hall to practice drumming with Matt.

The final activity was to edit their voiceovers, mixing them with the sounds they recorded at the Botanic Gardens, adding effects.

Although it was sad to see the project come to an end we all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are now looking forward to the launch in a few weeks’ time.

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