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Monday, 25 June 2012

Family is... poems!

We have been writing poems based on the five senses and the topic, 'Family'

Family is...
The taste of cookies baked by my mum,
As tasty as ice cream melting on my tongue,
The scent of my nan’s homemade perfume,
As exquisite as a rose,
The sight of happy faces smiling everyday,
Happy like children playing on a summer’s day,
The sound of mum and dad snoring,
As loud as the siren on a fire engine,
The touch of a piece of bread crumbs,
Crumbling like a mountain top,
Family is... my life!

By Jack Batacan

Family is...
The taste of chocolate,
As tasty as my mum’s home made cake,
The sight of happiness fills my heart with joy,
Like a new puppy on my birthday,
The smell of my nan’s perfume,
Like fresh roses picked from the flower bed,
The feel of my mum’s soft kisses,
As soft as the green green grass,
Hear my sister singing,
Like a blue bird tweeting a calm song,
My family... fills my heart with love.

By Rosie Evans

Family is...
The taste of turkey dinner on Christmas day,
As tasty as a sizzling feast,
The sight of my family and I playing together,
As happy as a puppy playing with a ball,
The sound of my rabbit and my dog fighting,
As loud as a police officer in pursuit,
The teasing touch of my presents on my birthday,
As exciting as having a new pet,
The smell of my mum’s perfume,
As smelly as a farm!
Family is... heaven!

By Benjamin Duggan

Family is...
The smell of my nan’s perfume,
As lovely as bubble bath bubbling,
The taste if mum’s barbecue cooking,
As delicious as a cheeseburger,
Touch the soft new hair cut,
As cute as a new born puppy,
See the crashing waves whilst on holidays,
Smile at your family as they have brought you something new,
Hear dad singing something,
Like birds tweeting in a forest,
Family is... my life!

By Cody Simpson

Family is...
The sight of happiness that fills me with joy,
Like a blue bird swooping through the wind,
The taste of Sunday roast cooked by mum,
As delicious as chocolate cake,
The sound of love from my relatives,
Makes me feel comfortable, warm and safe,
The aroma of my dad’s aftershave,
Fills the air with a fresh smell,
The touch of a kiss,
As soft as a pillow,
Family is... my dream!

By Shani Williams

Family is...
The taste of my mum’s Christmas dinner,
As tasty as a slice of heaven,
The sight of my brother’s flowers,
As beautiful as all the princesses,
The touch of my dad’s silk pillow,
As soft as a fluffy cloud,
Smell the perfume of my nana,
When I see her she smells divine,
Hear the wheels on my bampi’s car,
As noisy as a crazy party,
Family is... my home.

By Tawfiq Junior Ayoub

Family is...
The sight of my mum,
Feeding my sister crunchy carrot cake,
I can tough my sister’s skin,
As soft as a baby lamb’s wool,
I can taste pizza and chips,
As tasty as heavenly cake,
I can smell baby softener,
As sweet as caramel,
I can hear my sister crying,
She is hungry!
Family is... my life!

By Emily Jones

Family is...
The taste of Sunday dinner,
As tasty as my mum’s trifles for dessert,
The smell of scented roses,
Drifting through the room on a fresh summer’s day,
The sight of happiness on everyone’s faces,
As wide as slices of melon,
The touch of my dad’s comfy bed,
As soft as candyfloss clouds,
The sound of mum and dad laughing,
As loud as my cat Bella hissing,
Family is... my life!

By Sophie Bowden

Family is...
The taste of chocolate dancing on my taste buds,
As joyful as a new born puppy,
The sight of my dog chasing her tail,
Like a lion stalking its prey,
The sound of laughter filling the air,
As loud as rock band in concert,
The scent of dinner being cooked by my mum,
As sweet as can be,
Feel Izzy’s back,
As rough as a stony path,
Family is... my life that I don’t want to change!

By Maya Batacan

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  1. my mum wasn't very happy when she saw my poem