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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stats in Sound Day 2

As I was unable to attend it’s over to Mr Arthur for this report.

On Friday we embarked on a trip to G24 Innovations near Rhymney in Cardiff. After a false start (we got on the wrong bus!!) we arrived a little late to the G24i factory to be greeted by a welcoming party who took us to our own education suite, which would be our base for the day. The huge room was kitted out with state of the art equipment which we would later get our hands on!

After a very informative talk about the company telling us what it does and explaining its environmentally friendly core values we were taken on a guided tour of the factory, where we were lucky enough to see where solar panels were being made out of recycled batteries. We then braved the weather outside for a quick look at the wind turbine, polytunnel and allotment (more on these later!) 

After the tour had finished we were split back into our Stats in sounds groups, and were each given an area and set of equipment to use in order to capture the different sounds and images of the G24i factory. We used a range of equipment including tripod mounted video recorders, digital cameras and laptops to build up a picture of the site and what it does.

We stopped for a spot of lunch before rotating the groups (each went to a different area) and swapping over some equipment. This meant that everyone had an opportunity to have hands on experience with the different equipment, capturing different environments. 

There were many interesting things to capture and record at G24i, including the large factory floor, the electric car charge station and the wild grass land on site, the most popular areas to record appeared to be the turbine and the Polytunnel, with good reason!

The turbine was an enormous structure (It is the largest man made structure in Cardiff, we actually followed it to get directions!!) and we learnt some fascinating facts about how fast the turbine arms move (200mph!!) and what happens if the wind picks up (it moves faster!)

The polytunnel, although impressive on the outside held many surprises. We learnt that in the summer months, the gardener had to work only in the night time because the temperatures could exceed 120 degrees in the day! The most exciting discovery of what was being grown inside, something even hotter than the summer temperatures… the rare and EXTREMELY hot chillies! We were given an excellent tour of the tunnel, where we were told all about the rare chillies and tomatoes on show, and some brave, brave children even attempted to eat some of them (seeds and all!!) However the tunnel held one more surprise, the class was very kindly donated a Jalapeno Chilli pepper along with an as yet unnamed plant! 

After all this excitement, and scorching heat, it was unfortunately time to say our very warm thank you and head back home to school with our found knowledge and plants intact. Everyone is now extremely excited to be continuing with our Stats in sound project on Monday and Friday where we will begin to thread together all the data we have collected so far!

These photos were added to the @StatsInSound Twitter feed.

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