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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Our Boasting Poem

As part of our word warm-up for today's literacy lesson we have been making a class 'boasting poem' based on the topic; 'A Llanharan Primary School pupil is...'

A Llanharan Primary School pupil is...
A human calculator,
Posher than the Queen,
As respectful as royal subjects,
Writes better plays than Shakespeare himself,
Prettier than any pop star
that has been discovered,
Cooler than an ice cube,
Make the Fantastic Four the Fantastic Five,
Never takes no for an answer.


  1. A Llanharan primary school pupil is.. funny as a clown
    better than everton
    noisy as tigers
    posher than prince charles
    cooler than james bond
    by tj

  2. A Llanharan primary school pupil is...
    faster than a jaguar at top speed,
    better than the Everton football team,
    quieter than a mouse,
    a human dictionary,
    by jack