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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Around the world in 80 words

Our class have been writing 80 word stories to enter the Young Writers ‘Around the world in 80 words’.

Here are some of our efforts:

‘I was scared’ by Sophy O’Neill

I was scared. I decided to move and went to China but there was a Chinese Dragon. I was afraid so I went to Egypt but there was a mummy. I was anxious, so I went to Scotland but there was the Loch Ness monster. I was terrified, so I went to France but there was a giant frog. I was petrified, so I went to Antarctica but there was an abominable snowman. I was scared so I went home.

‘The pyramid escape’ by Jay Lock

Carefully Jay put on his Olympic clothes and got ready. Suddenly he found himself in a pyramid. Jay panicked as he tried to escape. He was terrified thinking he would never get out. Jay was so thirsty he could not survive any longer. He had no more strength left but he had to keep looking for the exit. All of a sudden Jay saw a bright light. Could it be the exit?

‘Dancing Squirrels’ by David Jones

There once was a sheep called Shaun who had a problem with dancing squirrels. One day he put his big huge fluffy head into their tree and he shouted, “Turn off this racket!” Angrily the squirrels kicked him to New Zealand where he saw dancing bulls.

“Are you friends with the squirrels?” asked Shaun

“I suppose.”

Suddenly the bulls’ hooves went BANG! Finally Shaun flew through the roof of his own barn back in London.

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