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Friday, 4 April 2014

Y Pant Cluster Cross Country Competition - Event 1 - Dolau

On Thursday 3rd April, 19 pupils from Years 3-6 took part in Y Pant Cluster's first Cross Country championship held in Dolau. Our squad consisted of 7 Year 5/6 Boys, 7 Year 5/6 Girls and 5 Year 3/4 Girls.

The event was set up as follows:

Year 5/6 Girls
Year 5/6 Boys
Year 3/4 Girls
Year 3/4 Boys.

The Year 5/6 pupils had two laps of the full track whereas the Year 3/4 pupils had one and a quarter laps. The Year 5/6 Girls went first with the group of seven sticking together for the large part until one or two of them became more aware of the route. Gracie eventually finished 1st out of our school's competitors and 8th overall. The Boys then stepped up to the mark. Again the same tactic seemed to be taken. A bit of competition then kicked in with Charles pushing up to the front eventually finishing 4th overall. Finally as far as our school's competitors were concerned, the Year 3/4 Girls competed in their event. They all raced with smiles on their faces with Eliza coming in first out of our girls.

The event was run as a team competition with the first 3 competitors from each school scoring points. The aim being for each team to score the lowest total possible e.g. first place = 1 point.

Year 5/6 Boys:
There were pupils from 7 schools in this event. Our school finished in third place with a total of 31 points.
The individual positions were:
Charles - 4/31
Dylan - 13/31
Ben - 14/31
Tawfiq - 19/31
Edward - 20/31
William - 22/31
Ellis - 28/31

All pupils who took place thoroughly enjoyed themselves and represented the school well.

Year 5/6 Girls:
Our school team finished sixth out of six schools with 57 points.
The individual positions were:
Gracie - 8/32
Rebecca - 24/32
Katie - 25/32
Eloise - 27/32
Natasha - 31/32
Maya - 32/32

Year 3/4 Girls:
Our team finished fourth out of the five schools who took part:
The individual positions were:
Eliza - 12/18
Farrah - 13/18
Tilly - 14/18
Lucie - 17/18
Freya - 18/18


  1. it looks they had fun


  2. Congratulations to the people who ran the second cross country race! I hope they all did well!