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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Make do and mend

Our class have been taking the Blitz spirit of make do and mend by making their own clothes from old and no longer wanted materials.

They had to first seek out materials from their wardrobes and those of friends and family that were no longer wanted. They brought them into school and began the design process. Once designs were made they had to take accurate measurements for their chosen garments and then cut the material to fit.

A process then began where the pupils learnt and applied sewing skills to put their outfits together. Regular fittings were held and alterations were made where needed.

This all culminated in a fashion show which was held today where Year 3/4 voted on winning outfits for a number of categories including:

Best representation of the 'Make do and mend' spirit.
Most original design.
Most eye-catching.
Most complex design.
Most practical design.

Here is a Pic-Collage of some of the designs.


  1. I really enjoyed making our Blitz clothes because I would not really think of sewing but now I'v learnt how to sew now I might do it more often


  2. I agree with Gracie and I'm glad we didn't do the same as when I was year 4.