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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Could year 5/6 break the 3,000m World Record?

The pupils in Year 5/6 attempted to break the world record for running 3,000m. This world record attempt took place in our school hall this afternoon.

The men's 3,000m World Record is 7:20.67 and held by Daniel Komen. The women's 3,000m world record is 8:06.11 and is held by Wang Junxia.

Firstly we had to measure our hall to see what size circuit we could mark out. We had to settle for a 7x7m circuit. We then had to work out how many laps it would take to complete 3,000m. This turned out to be 108 laps.

The class was divided into 4 groups (3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5) and they worked together as a team in a relay to try to break the record. Each group had a designated adjudicator who was responsible for tallying up their laps. The class decided to include rules such as a lap not being counted if a corner was cut. Any one individual was also not allowed to run more than 8 laps at a time.

The winning team was comprised of Jared, Catherine, Cerys, Tawfiq and Chloe. Their winning time was 14:51.68

The second placed team was made up of Jade, Caitlin, Aiden and William who clocked a time of 15:18.20.

The third place team was Natasha, Edward, Eloise and Sophie in a time of 15:28.83.

Our final group was Rebecca, Gracie, Maya and Dylan who finished in a time of 15:29.51.

Even though the world records were not broken we all had fun!

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