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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rhondda Heritage Park Bevin Boys visit

Today our class visited the Rhondda Heritage Park as a closing part of our Blitz topic. In particular we focused on the role of the Bevin Boys during World War Two.

Our first session saw our pupils have the opportunity to look at, handle, play with and try on artifacts from World War Two including Bevin Boy uniforms and air raid sirens. We were also taught about the role of the Bevin boys and the experiences they had moving to coal mining villages to work underground.

Our second session saw our pupils go 'underground' on the mining experience to get to feel how the Bevin Boys might have felt underground during war time.


  1. I really in joyed the trip I really in joyed when we went to the underground exsperents Josh and Caitlin

  2. That day was fab

  3. I was scared underground when it went dark but I enjoyed the rest of the day especially the zip wire in the park


  4. The trip on Wednesday was so fab. I got a bit, well a lot scared when he turned off the light and I believed it when he said there were rats.


  5. I really enjoyed the Rhondda Heritage Park visit especially the underground experience!