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Monday, 27 February 2012

St. David's Day Poems (Part 1)

We have been writing senses poems to describe our feelings about Wales. Here are some of our entries:

See Welsh flags fluttering from bunting,
Waving around like crashing waves on a winter's day.
Taste a slight breeze that blows daffodils and lilies in the Welsh fields,
Blowing merrily around our proud country.
Hear Welsh duets singing carols in the hall,
Echoing loudly like shouting in a deserted cave.
Touch the hand of a dance partner whilst country dancing,
Twirling like a leaf falling to the ground.
Smell the fresh meadows with flowers blooming,
Surrounded by long thick grass.
Wales makes me ecstatic like birds rising then singing gracefully in the morning.

By David

See the leeks and daffodils proudly  pinned on people's chests,
Like badges of honour celebrating Wales,
Taste he calm, sweet breeze gradually swaying over the meadows of Wales,
As relaxing as lying on a cloud gazing at the stars.
Hear exquisite voices of angels,
As elegant as a swan floating in the water.
Touch the golden silk petals of daffodils,
Like beams of the enchanting sun.
Smell the Welsh cakes and cawl being baked in the oven.
Ready to be given to villagers of Wales.
I feel proud to live here in Wales.
Here in Wales is my home.

By Courtney

See the golden daffodils blooming in the fields,
As silky as a butterfly's wings fluttering in the wind.
Taste the sweet Welsh cakes crumbling on my lips,
Like the rocks on the peak of a waterfall.
Hear the folk singing joyously in the dance halls,
Like the birds chirping in the woodland trees.
Touch the long green grass growing in the wind,
Like gentle waves swaying in motion.
Smell the natural aroma in the spring breeze,
Like a floating angel dancing in the air.
I feel proud to be a part of  Wales.

By Sophy

See people dressed up in traditional costumes,
As cute as a baby taking its first steps.
Taste the fresh growing leeks and daffodils,
As fragile as china plates.
Hear the laughter and joy of people singing and dancing,
As happy as a child being brought into the world.
Touch the green grass growing.
As tall as a giant in his territory.
Smell the Welsh cakes baking,
As tasty as a chocolate fudge cake.
It makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

By Katrina.

See bunting hanging from poles around the village,
As wild as the waves being controlled by the moonlight.
Taste the leeks freshly grown out of the ground,
As green as the fresh grass on a summer's day.
Hear lambs calling for their mother,
As cute as a baby in a Welsh costume.
Touch a winning certificate proudly in the school Eisteddfod,
As excited as a child opening its presents on Christmas day.
Smell the daffodils opening from its bud,
As bright as the beaming sun.
I fee lucky to be living in Wales.

By Cerys

See a Welsh dragon on the national flag,
Flying like a bird in the sky,
Taste the Welsh cakes being eaten softly,
As delicious as a sweet touching your tongue,
Sweet, sour, sparkly.
Hear the music of the country dancing,
As amazing as a fire breathing Welsh dragon,
Powerful, perfection, pirouetting.
Touch the sponge of a Welsh cake,
As soft as polystyrene floating in the sky.
Smell the Welsh cakes coming out of the oven,
As beautiful as the daffodils blossoming in the garden.
I feel amazing because Wales is a fantastic place.

Jordan Wh.

See the Welsh fags waving out of control,
As crazy as a bull charging at the matador.
Taste the Welsh cakes surrounding the table,
As tasty as fresh meat.
Hear the wind blowing through the freshly grown grass,
As loud as a boat's horn shredding the seas.
Touch the green and white leeks,
As smooth as the silky clean jacket.
Smell the daffodil expanding slowly on the mountains,
As sweet as a baby's smile.
I feel great being Welsh and living in Wales.

By Jordan Wa.

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  1. Oh SWEET SWEET memories