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Thursday, 9 February 2012

World War Two day

We held our World War Two day today. Preparation for this event has been taken place all term. The class has been busy making red, white and blue bunting from scraps of material. We have also been learning about the Blitz in Cardiff and Swansea. The pupils were challenged to ask their parents and families if any of their relatives had experiences of the war. This resulted in many War medals being brought into school for everyone to look at.

The day was kicked off in spectacular fashion when TJ's granddad, nan and mother came in to share their story about the life of TJ's great uncle, Eynon Hawkins, who was awarded the George Cross for bravery during World War Two. If you click HERE you will be able to read about Eynon's life story. What an amazing man! They brought in some of his medals, which had to be taken out of the bank for the day, allowing the pupils to have a good look at them. Many thanks to all three for coming in to speak to us.

Our day was then slightly interrupted by a rock performance from the RCT peripatetic music teachers.

Our final World War Two day experience was tasting some food that may have been eaten during the time period. The class was split into four groups and were given the task of making a feast using a tin of spam and dehydrated potato. The biggest problem initially seemed to be opening the tins! The food was made and eaten with mixed results. The overwhelming majority of the class voted against the spam and potato feast. This was washed down by a much more popular choice, dandelion and burdock. Dessert came in the form of carrot fudge. This, again, proved to be quite an unpopular choice. It seems that the class would have struggled during World War Two, as their taste buds weren't up for the challenge of eating food from that period.

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