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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Romeo and Juliet meet... in the modern age!

Our pupils were challenged to write an adaptation of Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, describing their modern setting and then introducing the two lovers. Here are some of their efforts:

The Capulet family were all working on each of their cars. Juliet had a Range Rover Sport. Mr. Capulet had an Audi RS4. Mrs Capulet had an Audi Q7 Quatro. Some stranger pulled up by their garage in an Audi R8 Tronic. He was buffed with muscles. Juliet shot past her mum and dad.

He smelt like the grease from the kebab shop across the road. He felt like soft buns from McDonalds. His eyes were dark blue like his car. Here eyes sparkled in the sun. Her hair was like the waves on a beach. She smelt like car oil from a Bugati Vairon Super Sport.

He said, "Hello!". She went bashful.
Mr. Capulet said aggressively, "What do you want you pesky rat?" Juliet shouted at her dad then they had an argument.

Jordan Wh. Yr5

Well, I'm sure you'd agree that you've never heard a garage described so romantically!

The moon was carefully coming out above the train station as the half past seven train turned into the platform. People were gushing down the steps and it sounded like an avalanche from Mount Everest. The scent of smoke off the train filled everyone's noses like a cold from a winter's day. The breeze was loud and the clouds grew darker and darker. Rain started to fall and the train doors opened.

One man walked down the steps but the train door closed and he couldn't get in. The man was as handsome as a movie star. His hair was dark brunette; it was wavy like the ocean on a stormy day. His eyes were crystal blue like the sky on a summer's morning. His smile could not be missed by the whole universe. The lady was as beautiful as a rose; as red as a river of blood.  Her hair was golden like the beaming sun. Her eyes was as green as the exquisite fields on a spring morning. Her smile was as white as a crystal snowflake on a winter's day, in addition to a white blanket covering everything in sight. Then they encountered each other on the platform, as wet as a stormy day with tons of powerful rain. They had found love and they knew they'd meet again.

David Year 6

Some lovely imagery in David's adaptation.

Slowly the shimmering, glowing, beautiful sun set outside New Look from the heavenly sky above. The scent of new clothes filled everyone's noses with joy and happiness. The sound of laughter filled the air with joy. The taste of the Starbucks coffee tingling and dancing on everyone's taste buds. 

The lady was so beautiful that when she flipped her hair it overwhelmed everyone. Her lips were as red as a rose trying its best to bloom. Her eyes were as green as fresh free fields. The man's hair was as curly and brown as Sir Lancelot's. His eyes were like the glowing sun, his skin was softer than clouds. When he smiled at the ground it was not hard to tell that he did not know he was handsome.

Maya Year 4

A retail based Romeo and Juliet from Maya.

Gradually, teenagers moved through the corridors of the school. The chattering voices echoed through the classrooms. Children were scampering past each other, clinging to their books, waiting for their next lesson. The scent of delicious food was lingering through the air from the cafeteria. The silky sun hung bare in the lilac sky above the building. When the bell rang the people stampeded into the dinner hall like a her of wildebeest running to a watering hole.  

Romeo, the popular kid at school had eyes as green as the summer fields in August. His hair was as dark as midnight. Whilst everyone was eating the exit doors swung open and in walked a girl as glamorous as a gem. Her hair was as golden as the shimmering pyramids in a desert. Her eyes were brown and beaming. Her lips were as red and glossy as a rose in a bush surrounding a princesses castle; her name was Juliet.

Courtney Year 6

A lovely school based  retelling of the play by Courtney.


  1. Well done everyone. Imaginative and in good humour. Thank you!

  2. I see mine i see mine!!

    By Maya;D