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Monday, 12 January 2015

RSPB Bird Cakes

As part of our Potions topic and with the RSPB bird watch for schools being able to be carried out right now, we have been investigating Bird Cakes. As part of a science investigation we gathered a range of ingredients which would appeal to birds such as; meal-worms, cheese, raisins, dried fruit, sultanas, wild seed and peanuts as well as lard.

We wanted to investigate the questions, "Which ingredients would appeal best to birds?". Each group had a cup, a mixing bucket, lard and three chosen ingredients. We had to make sure that we didn't all have the same ingredients so we used a dice and took it in turns to choose with only a set amount of each available.

We then made predictions on which would be the most successful after we studied the energy and fat contents on the packet. We thought that the greater the energy and fat content the better the chance of attracting birds.

We poked a hole in the cups and strung a knotted string through it. We then cut the lard into small cubes and added into the bowl. We then tipped our individual ingredients into the bowl and mixed it up with our hands. Finally we pressed the fat ball into the cups and made sure they were solid and secure. They will now be placed in the fridge over night to solidify. We will hang them out tomorrow and start recording.


  1. this was a very messy day but it was also amazingly fun

    thanx for the lesson leah

  2. This was a really cool activity because it was really squishy but it STINKS!!!!!!!!
    :) :)

    From Gracie

  3. It was fun today because we made bird cakes

    From Keegan morris

  4. this was a really fun task but I didn't like the mealworms when they were stuck to your hands and when you had to mush it all together but I really liked the investigation I hope my group will attract a lot of birds


  5. that lesson was very fun but messing

  6. This messy activity was really fun although lots of people didn't like the dried meal-worms.

    From Tilly

  7. I found this activity fun because we got to get our hands dirty and we got to learn about the different types of foods that birds eat.

    From Eleanor

  8. I really enjoyed this lesson apart from the mealworms because they were disgusting!

  9. I hated this it was really smelly and I can still smell lard #disgusting.... katiestinkyann

  10. Mr Roberts- Please don't publish Kate's last comment, she did not write the last bit and is very upset with me!!! oops.. vanessa

  11. Published before yours was sent for verification!

  12. Thank you Mr Roberts for this fun learning lesson Gracie has thoroughly enjoyed the experiment. It seems are kitchen is going to be a bit smelly on Sunday!
    Thank you Mr Roberts for all you do!
    Regards Louise (Gracie's mum) :) :) :)