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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Displacement of liquids - Coca Cola and Mentos

As part of our Potions topic we investigated the reactions Mentos being added to Coca Cola have. We then tested our measuring accuracy to see which type of Coca Cola displaces the most liquid.
Our Dependent Variable:
Which Coca Cola Brand displaces the most liquid when Mentos are added?

Our Independent Variable:
We will change the type of Coca Cola

Our Controlled Variables:
We are going to keep the following the same:
All 1.75l bottles, same amount of Mentos (4), same shape bottle, same person inserting the Mentos, uniform measuring cylinders. We will do this to keep it a fair test.

We carried out the tests and then recorded the measurements in class.
Cherry Coke
 Coca Cola Life
 Coca Cola Vanilla
 Coca Cola Zero
 Coca Cola
 Diet Coke


  1. It was very fun but they did not go up very high

    From keegan

  2. I really enjoyed this activity but the Diet Coke was extremely disappointing because it wasn't the best and it is said to be the best, Coke Zero was the best which surprised everyone.


  3. That was amazing jade

  4. I really enjoyed this lesson it was really fun but I thought the diet coke would have one


  5. I was really fun and cool but I thought they would have gone higher than they did !!!!!!!
    :) :) :) :) :)
    Gracie :)

  6. This science experiment was really fun to do and it was fun to learn about the different reactions to the different types of Coca-Cola, my favourite one was the Coca-Cola zero because it had the most optimal reaction.

    From Eleanor

  7. I loved this experiment I mostly enjoyed the Coca-Cola Vanilla because of the fizz coming from the lid of the bottle