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Friday, 22 March 2013

Romeo and Juliet, a modern update!

All week the class have been busy writing their modern day retellings of Romeo and Juliet. We drew up a toolkit and then boxed up the original Romeo and Juliet and then our versions. As a class we decided that for our shared write, we would cast the Montague and Capulets as two rival supermarkets, have the two lovers meet at the Capulet ‘Employee of the month’ award and replace the potion with a dodgy horse burger… Glas, melyn and oren took their versions from the ideas inspired by the shared write whereas Porffor and Gwyrdd allowed their imaginations to run free when writing theirs.

Here’s their final efforts (Opens as PDF)

Chloe Yr6 (Was absent for part of the week, so continued from the shared write that day) 
Jack Yr6
Jordan Wa Yr6
Jordan Wh Yr6
Maya Yr5

Ben Yr5
Charles Yr5
Tawfiq Yr5

Antoine Yr5
Jay Yr5
Onyx Yr5
Rebecca Yr5

Catherine Yr5
William Yr5

Edward Yr5
Emily Yr6
Joshua Yr5


  1. I liked doing that it was fun

  2. These are fantastic Y5/6, Ardderchog!
    Mr Griffiths