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Monday, 4 March 2013

Dr Ferret and his bad medicine

Llanharan Primary School today received a visit from performers from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for a performance of the school opera, 'Dr Ferret and his bad medicine'. Children from years 1 up to 6 all sat in the hall and enjoyed the performance from the many opera students. There was laughter, screaming and wet faces all around (mostly from the water pistols). The plot of the story involved deaths, naughty children and magical medicine.

Here are some quotes about the opera performance from Year 5/6:

"It was entertaining and good fun for children of all ages, even though it was scary at times" Chloe

"It was fabulous in every single way." Jordan White

"I liked it because it looked like all of the performers were having such fun!" Jack

"It was kind of creepy as all of the performers had mad staring eyes with black make up around them." Joshua

"My favourite part was when Dr. Ferret pretended to be Matilda's auntie." Jordan Watts

"It was very interesting at all times but our favourite part was the fire engine scene. William & Onyx

"I found it really amusing, a little creepy, especially when Henry was dieing and looked like a zombie." Antoine

"It was fun, exciting and my favourite part was when Jim got eaten by a lion." Ben

"I thought it was spectacular. The most amusing bit was the surgery scene" Mikey

"Henry's string looked oddly tasty!" Cerys

"My favourite part was watching the George on the scooter." Edward

Here's a photo slideshow of the performance:

And here's some brief video clips of  some of the performance:

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