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Friday, 30 March 2012

Ugly Bug Ball

On Friday 23rd March our class joined in with the Nursery & Reception class Ugly Bug Ball. As both classes were studying similar topics we decided to join together for an afternoon of fun and games.

Miss Rose’s class wrote invitations, inviting us to join their celebrations. We were all so impressed with their writing that we felt it was only right to write back to them. Every child in the class wrote a personal letter to the Nursery & Reception children.

After a good discussion we decided that we were going to write mini beast stories in the week leading up to the Ball, knowing that we would have a deadline of Friday afternoon, whereby we would read our stories in especially designed story tents. After going through the drafting and editing process they spent Friday morning putting the finishing touches to their stories and started to practice reading them aloud.

The class then set up story tents and dens around our school grounds (fortunately the weather was glorious). We then got into our own mini beast costumes (including Mr. Roberts, who came dressed as a fly). Miss Rose’s class was split into groups and divided up amongst our excited storytellers. Both classes had so much fun reading and listening to the stories even though there were lots of nerves and anxiety about reading aloud.

We finished the afternoon off by sitting in the hall to listen to Miss Rose’s class read out their class poem on mini beasts and watch them parade in their costumes and masks.

Everyone had a ball!

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