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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Worm Charming 2012

Our class carried out their science enquiry into ‘What source of vibration would be best to attract worms out from the ground?’ The last time that our school held a worm charming event, the whole school took part. The total amount of worms charmed up on the school field that day was...none! The class chose to hold their enquiry today in our willow garden.

They were split into six groups of four and planned out their own enquiries with the groups choosing to use: garden forks, singing, jumping, tambourines and beating the ground. We followed our rules from http://www.wormcharming.com/rules.html with the only difference being that instead of a maximum of two people per 3m x 3m grid we had four.

We did not carry out our event in isolation. A troop of intrigued Nursery and Reception children came down to watch... and even join in the action!

A reminder that at the start of this blog update I told you that we held a whole school worm charming a few years ago and we managed to charge zero worms. In half an hour of charming, the group who sang to the worms charmed two worms. The groups using tambourines managed to charm no worms for the first twenty minutes but ended up with 5. The drums group also charmed 5 worms. The jumping up and down group came third with a fantastic 12 worms. Second place went to the group who chose to beat the ground with their hands; these collected a total of 22 worms. The winners of the worm charming event were the group who chose to use garden forks to create vibrations who managed to attract a fantastic 36 worms!

What a fantastic afternoon everyone had!

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