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Friday, 9 June 2017

Our school's General Election

We held our general election to run alongside the actual taking place in the country. Our class was divided into the five parties that were standing in our Ogmore constituencies, with the make up of each group being randomly chosen.

The groups made campaign posters, party political broadcasts using iPlayer and wrote a speech to be delivered to the voters.We wrote emails to the 5 local candidates and got various responses.

The posters, adverts and responses can be found by clicking on the links for individual party blog posts:
Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru

On Thursday the pupils from Years 1-4 sat and watched the party political broadcasts and listened to the speech. They then took their ballot papers, made their choices and voted.

This morning, we separated into counting teams and totaled up the votes.

The results were as follows:
As there were 99 votes, we decided that there would have to be be a magic majority number of 50.  No party achieved this number so we were left with a hung parliament. We then offered all the leaders to enter into a coalition discussion. After heated debate, Labour decided to enter into coalition with Plaid Cymru.

We then took our data and put it into graph form and worked out percentages.

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