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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Our class's UKIP Election campaign

Here is the email we sent off to our local candidate:

Dear Glenda Davies

Hello, our names are Eliza, Regan, Phoebe, Ciaran, Cain and Brandon and we are Year 4/5/6 pupils at Llanharan Primary School. We are writing to you today as in our class we are studying the 2017 General Election.  We are holding our own election this Thursday. Our class has been divided into 5 groups with each group taking one of the five parties who are standing in the Ogmore constituency. We chose our parties at random and we selected UKIP.

We are going to have to try to persuade ours Years 1-4 that your party is the one to vote for. To do this we need to give reasons to persuade the other classes that the UKIP party policies are the ones that will suit their families and themselves. Which of your policies affect our schools and our community the best?

We are wondering, if at all possible could you send us any information or resources to help us with our campaign. Also, would you be able to send us a supporting tweet at our class Twitter feed @lps140club or a video message.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good luck with the General Election.

Yours sincerely

Llanharan Primary Year 4/5/6 UKIP

We received a fantastic pack of election information

Our party election broadcast and speech

Our campaign posters

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