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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lead Creative Schools - To Catch a Dream - Midsummer Night's Dream - Session 1

We had out first session in our Lead Creative Schools project, 'To Catch a Dream', based on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

This session was led by Gareth Warren, an actor who brought with him a bundle of ideas and enthusiasm which our pupils instantly loved. As this was the first session, a lot of name games were played to allow Gareth to try to get to know us as quickly as possible.
We also played games to help build up our confidence and trust in orally playing with words. These games were fun and very competitive. We also explored the use of the words thee, thy and thou, again using our voices as instruments.

Finally we went through the entire play using the 'whoosh' technique with pupils taking the parts of characters as Gareth read through a summary of the play.


  1. This was really fun I enjoyed it so much. My favourite part was when we did the name thing because we were able to be as silly as we wanted to be. I think that we could improve on the acting when we do the thee,thy,thou off.

    Eliza Bayliss

  2. that was so fun i really enjoyed thank you sir for planing this for us and thank you Gareth for coming in and acting with us

  3. This was really fun I enjoyed it so much.my favourite part is when we did the warm up


    1. i loved the worm up it wasepic

  4. It was so much fun when we done the games but I think we can improve it a bit. Chloe

  5. i loved it so much but we could of improved a little bit on the worm up it was a little bit dull because everyone was doing a confused face shoulders and saying there name it could be better

    lucie durham

  6. This was really fun my favourite part was the warm up and Gareth is really funny

    Ellie D

  7. I really liked doing the warm up not so much the thee thou and ye I love midsummers night dream ? cant wait to do some more next week fingers crossed ???

  8. I loved it all insept the thee thou thy of it was confusing thee thee and your out I realy loved worming up and the consert the manger gareth was good infact brill

    by jake

  9. I really like doing the lead creative schools project.I found the warm ups really fun and Gareth is really cool and funny but I think I could improve my confidence other than that it is really fun.Thanks Gareth
    By Levi

  10. Jake here love ❤ all worm ups 12345678 12345678 is my favret hope you agree
    Jake Francis