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Monday, 1 June 2015

SchoolsFL Fantasy Football Final Positions - 2014-2015

Congratulations to Tilly who has won our SchoolsFL Fantasy Football competition again for a second year running. She finished first with a total points tally of 1186. second place was Mr Clement with a points tally of 1129.

Our First placed parent was Tilly's mum who finished third overall. The leading class team was Year 5/6 who finished just outside the top 10 in 11th.

The Final Positions

PosTeam NameManager NameGLSASSPoints
1-Tilly's Silly Billy'sTilly Russell83431186
2-The SignetsMr Clement62551129
3-Onesies UtdKaren Russell (Tilly's Mum)73471103
4-Harribo CityMiss Harry58481094
5-Any Other BiscuitsMr Griffiths64391089
6-Team RobertsMr Roberts64531076
7-Brynna FC rejectsTaffy Ayoub70461068
8-Have HopeMr Arthur54521053
9-Bound ToulouseMolly Harris66561044
10-AC ALittleSilhouette Of MilanFreya Harris58521030
11-Year 5/6 UnitedYear 5661531013
12-Pitch PerfectBarry Small65441008
13-THE EAGLESDylan Ayoub6537975
14-Tasha's tigersNatasha Batacan5450959
15-Roz of the RoversMiss Hughes4748911
16-White house FCLewis White5227879
17-Rainbow CupcakesEleanor Hibbitts-white4142878
18-Swiss-blossomBeth Edgar5842871
19-Bears in the WoodEleri Roberts5037868
20-Llanharan RangersIan Hibbitts4538838
21-Y pant 11TJ Ayoub4840831
22-Megan's Monkeys!Megan Batacan4040829
23-Battys unitedJeff Batacan3639819
24-Llanharan - Maisiemaisie rees3721818
25-Mother Knows BestRebecca Batacan4336815
26-Danni's Best TeamDanielle Williams3441813
27-Year 1/2 CityYear 1/25023802
28-She was only XIMr Smith4240787
29-NewthsDewi Newton5038786
30-attackerskaiden davies4431772
31-Lewis UnitedCassie Lewis4224754
32-Year 3-4 Rangersyear 3/43832751
33-The playersDylan Ballinger4826746
34-Team winnersAiden Lock4649741
35-Corum Unitedcorum bat4633720
36-Girls RuleCaitlin Farnham4022716
37-Green MachinesGracie Green2841715
38-Price UnitedMrs Price4021709
39-Bamf Bamf BamfMiss Bamford3320709
40-Boss BoysMaya Batacan3527708
41-the hartrachel davies3419683
42-P B unitedpheobe battersby2623663
43-The best lewisamie lewis2717661
44-Ryantron 2000'sRyan Tokeley2736652
45-Trickys TerriersRichard Case3443647
46-The Darlingselle darlington2836644
47-Ciaran Evans UnitedIcarian Evans3116641
48-Morgan Unitedmelissa morgan2528641
49-Valentine's winKatie Scarrott1914636
50-TickattackersRyan O'Neill2926618
51-Jones Wins Yeah!Maddie Jones3317615
52-Hopkins Citylynda hopkins2333615
53-Living AwesomenessEllis Stroud2837612
54-Bamford WalesDaisy Bamford1437603
55-Samay UnitedSamay Daliwal3422599
56-LIAMS TEAMLiam Lewis2417599
57-The TaylorsChloe Taylor2018598
58-morris/United$$Keegan morris3113588
59-Jade's team is the best!Jade Shears3416584
60-Best team in the WORLD!Karina Roberts1918576
61-Super BaylissEliza Baylis316574
62-Horton's Whos?Leah Horton2333559
63-BethanyCatlin Evans2222543
64-The RubiesRuby How2314525
65-Mal's teamMalea Stroud1927507
66-Rebbecca C UnitedRebecca Conakry2126506
67-Aaron L roversaaron lewis2316505
68-iestyn rules#sickIestyn Morris1715496
69-Denrard Roversdenrard dulais2728494
70-Star TeamJenna White1712491
71-Dylans DynamosDylan Case3019483
72-Bethany CaseBethany Case3022477
73-Cam Cam FunlandCameron Armstrong189469
74-Yma's Welsh WarriorsYma DimAbsennol98437
75-Super durhamsLucie Durham1312428
76-The kiceresLaetitia Wihgting116394
77-Francis strikersJake Frantic209392
78-CHD UnitedCain Davies2310373
79-Dibble team captainheather Diblhughs1623371
80-Mifsuds Are on Our SideSamuel Mifsud1718365
81-May UB Unitedellie may1831361
82-FarrahFarrah Green137328
83-Josh Unitedjosh O117319

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