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Friday, 15 May 2015

Techniquest trip - Electricity

We visited Techniquest today to explore electricity,

Upon arrival we had the opportunity to explore the exhibits. We took many photos of our investigations which can be seen below.

We then had a fantastic show where we were taught many facts about electricity in fun and exciting ways. Volunteers were chosen to help demonstrate the theories being spoken about. We had children joining hands in a chain to make an electrical circuit, solar panel car races, static races using cans, hand generated light hats and more!

We also saw a gherkin light up due to electricity!

We had a fantastic day and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. Our tip to techniqest was and I don't have any favourite parts because it was all amazing.

  2. Our trip to techniquest was amazing and i had so much fun. I wish we were able to go again, i hope yma had fun aswell as everyone else. I dont know what part was my favourite... i think it might have to be when you had to try and open the gate and there was a key but you didnt have to use that key... also there was a chest and there was a key how you had to open it was use the back of the wook. However it was all amazing and i enjoyed it Thankyou for this amazing day ;) :) Leah Horton

  3. Techniquest was amazing trip because all of us had fun I hope I go again

    Jade Shears