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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Investigations

As Mr Roberts is currently busy brushing up on his Welsh, I (Mr Arthur) will be adding to the blog for the next fortnight, keeping you all posted on the goings on in school.
  Those of you following Twitter may well have seen the extent of the snow in the school grounds yesterday, we decided to make the most of this rare opportunity to conduct two snow based investigation.  The first investigation (excuse the handwriting, cold hands!!)

Involved mapping the school grounds and accurately measuring the depth of the snow at various points.  We then created bar graphs and collated the results to give an overall picture of snow 'hot spots' (pun intended.)  
Below are some pictures of the class braving the conditions:

We also followed some mysterious footprints, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Our second investigation was more scientific but required the use of many skills which we have been practising and perfecting over the last few weeks.  Once again excuse the handwriting (EVEN COLDER HANDS!)

Unfortunately we ran out of time to collect and analyse the results of the investigation, the snow just would not melt!! An update on the results by the end of the week!! hope that you have enjoyed your day off in the snow and that you are all safe and well.  See you all tomorrow (Fingers crossed)

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  1. Welcome to the blog Mr Arthur! This looked like a fantastic day with some snow-tastic investigations.