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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ID - mixed up stories

We have moved onto our final topic for this year which is ID.  This is a topic all about identity.

We began by deciding what physical features and internal traits best describe ourselves. We then invited others to share their feelings with us about our traits and features. Following this, we wrote out our favourite physical feature, internal character trait, like, dislike and hobby. We then put these into a pot and, one by one, picked out new identities (with some unusual red-herring ones thrown in for good luck.)

We read the first chapter of Anne Fine's 'Bill's New Frock'. This acted as inspiration for the class to write an introductory section to a story introducing our new identities. We tried to imagine the feelings that this new identity would invoke within ourselves and our parents.

Here are some of our typed out efforts.

Jay woke up on a boring Thursday morning with boring things to do and with boring places to go. It was like any other usual day with his regular routine. He started his normal day by stretching his body, rubbing his eyes then yawned.

He forced himself out of bed but wanted to go back to sleep, which was unusual for him. He was usually up, dressed, had a shower and be eating his breakfast by now. Maybe he just didn’t feel up to it that day. He dropped out of bed and started to walk slowly to the door. Just then, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the corner of his heavy eyes. He could not ever believe what was looking right back at him - for looking at him was a cat!

He felt abnormal and actually felt a bit of excitement as he got to spend his day as a cat. He waddled out of his room and tumbled down the stairs. He finally reached the kitchen and by then was sprawled out on the floor, falling asleep again, but he made himself stay awake.

His mum was making bacon and eggs for breakfast. ‘My favourite’ Jay thought in his head.

“Good morning my dear,” his mum exclaimed.

Jay replied by muttering, “Morning mum.”

He was so confused that he replied as he normally would.

His mum turned around and gave him his breakfast. As he could not wait to eat his breakfast, he happily walked to the dining room and sat down on a rather comfortable chair. His mum gave him a glass of squash but strangely, the sight of it revolted him. He demanded a glass of Coke and shouted, “You know I hate squash mum!”

After Jay had his breakfast, he grabbed his school stuff and proceeded to the door. Before he could step out, his mum gave him a kiss and said, “Goodbye honey.”

He then carried on out the door befuddled and confused as to what had just happened. Would he ever be a human again?


One normal humdrum morning, Ellie woke up. It was like any other morning. She rubbed her eyes softly and stretched. She ambled out of bed ready to start a new day.
All of a sudden, she walked past the mirror and caught a tiny glimpse of her reflection in the corner of her eye. Baffled, befuddled, bewildered - she could not believe it, for looking back at her was a sporty, annoying dog, squeezing spots!

Crawling annoyingly, Ellie clambered down the stairs. She was puzzled because she didn’t move like she used to. As happy as a child with chocolate, she clambered instead. When she was at the bottom, she trudged to the kitchen, where her mum was making breakfast and Dad making tea.

After that, Ellie mumbled, “Good morning.”

Without glancing back at her they replied, “Good morning Ellie.”

At that moment, she looked up. She was horrified. She screamed "Aaargh!" She then fainted.

Dad yelled emotionally, “Who are you and what the heck you doing here?" He shoved Ellie out with all his strength. Her father started shoving her out. He didn’t realise it was Ellie. Ellie ran up to her room.

Her dad yelled, “What type of dog is that? It’s so annoying.”

Mum said, “I agree.”

She threw herself onto her bed and wept. She didn’t sing because she now disliked singing. To make herself feel better she thought about swimming because it was now her hobby. She didn’t understand. On the outside, she was a sporty, annoying dog that likes squeezing spots. (Inside, she was still Ellie). Suddenly her dad came. She kept quiet then said, “I am Ellie.”

Her dad replied, “Ellie?”

She responded, “Yes I am Ellie.”

Her dad knew it was true and it was all good.

Wait. But what about mum.....

One old traditional Friday morning, Ruby woke up, she rubbed the sleep out of her tired eyes; the girl stretched then yawned. She galloped excitedly, out of bed, which was odd, as she usually fell out of it. Anyway, she was ready to start her day.

However, all of a sudden, she caught a glimpse of her - self in the mirror. Astonished, mind-boggled, flabbergasted - she could not believe what she saw! In front of her was a RUDE HORSE!

Trotting weirdly, Ruby sloped down the stairs landing on her neck. She brought her -self into the kitchen, where her mum was making breakfast.
"Good morning mum, that smells amazing." Ruby chattered.
"Good morning love you’re up early,” Ruby’s mum replied. As Ruby set up the table, her mum was plating the food up. Her mum turned around and saw Ruby standing there. She dropped the plates and screamed on the top of her lungs. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" Ruby’s mum cried.
Ruby’s mum tried scurrying this giant ugly horse out of her kitchen. Ruby poked her tongue out, being the rude girl she was. Without hesitating, Ruby sprinted as fast as a cheetah to her room.
As she reached her room, she hurled her-self onto her bed and moaned loudly into her pillow. On the outside, she felt like a bulky dense disgusting fool. (On the inside, however she like her usual self.)
One boring day, Kianna woke up, feeling normal. Kianna rubbed her eyes, stretched and leaped out of bed. Kianna was very tired, more tired than usual, she thought she was fine. She waddled along to the bathroom; she looked in the mirror...

Suddenly, she freaked out. She was panicked and confused. SHE WAS A BOY! At least she was on the outside, (On the inside, she was still her normal self.) This boy had stylish blonde hair and he was tall, very tall. He was tanned and sunburnt on his shoulder, but she had to get used to it.
As Kianna waddled nervously to the stairs, she thought to herself “This isn't how I walk?” She went downstairs - each step made her feel more uncomfortable and displaced. Kianna waddled like a penguin all the way down.
Kianna made it down the stairs. She said “Good morning” to her mother.
Her mother turned around “Moring sweetie” and kissed her head. Kianna thought her mother would freak out, but she was acting completely normal.

Kianna looked for her father, “Mum, where's dad?”
She shouted, “In the garage.”
Kianna went to the garage, she helped her dad then he went to work.
Kianna thought she was lucky that her parents weren't confused or mad. She was calm until her mother shouted, "School time."
Then she knew she was in trouble...
One ordinary morning, Leo woke up and stretched, rubbed a ten-hour sleep out of the corner of his eyes and arose. The first thing that come into his boring, lifeless mind was, it was going to be a very stodgy and trite day
When Leo got out of his uncomfortable bed, he walked into the bathroom but when he looked in the mirror, he was shocked. She couldn't believe what she saw a....
Leo limped down the stairs to greet her parents ‘Good morning’. When she made it to the kitchen, she was anxious her mum might not recognize her. She muttered in a quivered voice, "Hello mum”.
She looked up at her mum and her mum turned around.
“You’re looking lovely today” Leo’s mum announced. She handed her the plate of food and give her a big sloppy kiss on her forehead.
She sat down on the floor watching gymnastics on the TV. She wondered to herself what would her friends think of her? What would her teachers think of her? She thought of all this and went upstairs and started screaming in her pillow, "This world is so cruel".
She felt unnoticed as if her parents never even knew that she had changed to a girl. She went back to sleep and pinched herself but it wasn't a dream.

One strange Saturday morning, Connor woke up and did not seem right. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms, then he rolled out of bed to start a new day.
Then, all of a sudden, he walked past the mirror and saw a glimpse of himself- he was a horse! He went down stairs thinking was it a dream or a nightmare? He was baffled, bewildered and blanched.
As he galloped cheerfully to the kitchen, his parents looked at him- they were discombobulated.

Connor looked back at his parents and they said, "Why is this horse talking to me"
Connor felt forlorn that his parents did not know it was him.
Connor was chased off by his parents. He went to his room not knowing what was going on. When he went to his room he jumped on his bed, which was comfortable, put his head on his pillow wailing, and wailing, and wailing until he stopped and thought to himself "this can't be true"
Then after that, he went to sleep to see if he will be back to normal in the morning.

One Friday morning, Dylan woke up. It was like any other morning, he wiped the sleep out of his eyes then Dylan fell out of bed.
Just then, he saw a tiny, tiny glimpse of hair. He was probably the most bewildered person on earth. That minute he wished this Friday was all a nightmare; but sadly, it was a real Friday morning. He could not believe what was happening right now. Just before he left his room, he could see his whole body. He was not a human, not a dog, not an alien, but a flexible cat who was applying perfume to his cat body. He felt so stupid he could die!

Crawling while doing cartwheels down the stairs Dylan made his way down the stairs. He was annoyed because he didn’t feel like himself. When he entered the kitchen, he tried to grab some coco pops with his hands but he could not reach, so instead he jumped onto the shelf and knocked over the box of coco pops and then ate them of the floor
Just that moment Dylan was walking to the living room-where his mam and dad were. Dylan was saying his times tables in his head, his parents could hear a noise. It sounded like the 9 times tables. 9 18 27 - it went on and on. Dylan entered the room he said, "Morning mam, morning dad.” They did not answer they were too busy on their phones
Dylan shouted 10 times louder than he did, "Moring." Still no answer so Dylan went over to the corner of the room and turned the electric off and his mam answered him.
His dad shouted, “Dylan where are you?”
Dylan replied, “Right here.”
His dad looked everywhere and eventually found Dylan as a cat doing a backflip. His dad then screamed, “Get out of my house, you’re not my son.”
Dylan dashed out of house and did not come back for the whole day. Dylan was as sad as a penguin dying.
One weird unusual day, Denrard woke like usual. He rubbed his eyes hard to remove the sleep from his vision. He stretched, yawned like a slow motion lion and as he was fully awake, he instantly tumbled out of bed.

Suddenly, he captured a little reflection in the mirror from the corner of his eye. Astonished, bewildered and baffled - he could not believe what happened; all that he saw was a granddad!
Stumbling uncontrollably, Denrard tripped down the stairs feeling lots of pain. The pain was endless. As he was crying in vain, he reached the end of the stairs limping. Luckily, he was alright.
Upon his arrival, he announced, "What’s up?"
The parents were shocked. His mom, she could not believe her eyes. His dad picked up the knife and threatened him. Denrard was running up the stairs.

He was running to get away from his dad; the dad was chasing him. Denrard locked the door behind him - he threw himself to bed. He did not know what happened. On the outside, he was an old grandad. (Inside, he was himself.) When would he be back to himself again?

One natural dull Moring, Chloe rose. She wiped her eyes to remove the sleep. She violently sat up and length her arms and let out a yawn. Something felt unusual she knew it.
After that, she looked in the mirror and saw an angry, active granny. Terrified, petrified, annoyed - why did I deserved this? She could have screamed but she was too old. In the inside, she was cold-hearted. (On the outside, she was wrinkly and old.)

Stomping ferociously, Chloe clicked her knuckles and clomped down stairs. This was not her normal self or was it?

As she arrived, Chloe remarked, "Good morning everybody".

Without turning their heads they replied, "Good morning dear."

As Chloe looked at her she exclaimed, "You look fitter than normal today."

Chloe sat down and stated to eat her breakfast. She said to herself, "They don't know I'm old."

After breakfast, she went back to her room. She liked how her parents acted she could not wait to go out. Cheerful, thrilled, overjoyed - Was life a dream or a nightmare?

One unusual morning Cerys woke up, rubbed her eyes gently, sat up and yawned. She tumbled out of bed to start her day.

All of sudden she walked past the mirror and caught something in the corner of her eye. She thought what was that? So Cerys went back to see and saw a flexible cat. Cerys thought how is there a cat? No, she was the flexible cat!

Walking on four legs was weird and she was doing weird stuff because Cerys was a flexible cat. So Cerys got to the stairs and tumbled down and trembled to the kitchen where her parents were making breakfast.

Upon her arrival, she announced, “Good morning."

Without her parents even noticing her they said, “Good morning"

At that moment, her mum looked around to see where Cerys was and she looked down and screamed “There’s a cat, how is there a cat in hear?”

Mum got a frying pan to get the cat out so Cerys started talking and mum and dad were freaked out. Cerys told them it was her and she ran upstairs to her room to let her emotions out. What did she do to deserve this?

One normal morning, Cain woke up (usually ten minutes late for school) but he didn’t feel himself. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and then stretched. After he made an effort to crawl out of bed, he was dead on his feet. He caught a glimpse of the mirror; he was in denial. Instead of the lazy, grumpy male Cain, was a red headed girl who was also a bit selfish. He ran downstairs. His mother screamed at him angrily, “You are grounded you selfish brat!” He was baffled – what was he?

Walking with her hand on her hip, she went downstairs into the kitchen and obviously, mum was not in a good mood. She saved the small talk. She asked what she did and her mother spun around staring at her. “You took £300 from my bank card”, she screamed.

“No I didn’t!” Cain replied.

 Rolling her eyes, she went into the living room but it was not peaceful – he dad had more to say about her behaviour.

“Young lady, you bring one more boy home and I will see to it that you won’t live in this household,” he screamed ready to scold her.

She ran up to her room and found a boy there. “Get out” she whispered.

The boy, who was really an illusion, climbed out of the window. She laid right in the centre of her bed distraught. Cain’s life had been destroyed. Would it ever go back to what it once was?

On a normal boring day, Brandon woke up and rubbed his very sleepy eyes softly. As Brandon stood up, he stretched up into the sky.

All of a sudden, Brandon caught a small reflection of him in the mirror. Brandon rotated his body and he saw a girl that seamed selfish. He was horrified he was petrified. He was shaking, shaking like he just saw a dead body. Brandon could not get over it. It did not make sense. He liked Xbox one and hated cats and he was a girl?

Running weirdly, he went down the stairs. He was confused why he walked like a posh girl. Brandon entered the kitchen and said, “morning mum.”

His mum replied saying, “morning sweetie I’m just making pancakes.

Brandon was really confused his mum didn’t tell the difference like he’d always been a girl.

Brandon’s father was rushing past him. It looked like he was late for his meeting. As his father ran past he shouted “morning lovely see you after work.”

After Brandon’s dad left for work, he was very upset that nobody could tell the difference.

After Brandon’s breakfast, he went upstairs to get ready for school but when he did, he jumped into his pillow and balled his eyes out. He felt like his family didn’t care about his ID and liked him more as a girl. Brandon wanted to die!

He thought that they would be confused but they didn’t seem to care that’s what made him upset. He thought to himself, ‘will I ever be a boy again?’

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