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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Macbeth stories

To finish off last term we investigated a missing part of the story in Macbeth. What went through the minds of the guards in between waking up, finding the King dead and then hearing footsteps getting closer. We looked at developing our suspense writing and using a range of sentence types. Here are our efforts. The first two were typed up by pupils. To see the rest, click on the pictures and they should appear bigger.

Chapter 1

Shaken and confused, scared and frightened, the guards slowly awoke from their slumber. They had been slumped against the wall all night. What could have happened to them?

The guards, with blurry vision, delicately opened their eyes. Their heads had been turned inside out, their strength slowly coming back to them, one guard murmured, “What the heck happened?”
The other guard, who felt like a weight had just been dropped onto his head, replied, “I don’t know, but one thing that I DO know is that we should have been guarding the king not sleeping”

“All I remember is that someone gave us a drink last night” the first guard exclaimed.
“Me too, it was quite strong… do you think it could have been drugged” the second guard nervously whispered.
“Oh yeah it was…” the first guard whispered back before the second guard tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

Chapter 2

The two guards, who were overwhelmed with shock, glanced down in fear to see a bloody dagger on each one of their laps. Perplexed, horrified and worried, the two guards panicked. The room filled with crime and death. However, it did not end there…

They were covered in blood too; it was smeared all over their faces and on their hands. They immediately started questioning each other. Adrenalin was running through their blood, they were trapped in a gloomy world full of murder. Their souls, which felt blank and empty, were isolated in fear and horror.

As they crept closer to the king’s room, each step became more daring and petrifying as they almost lifelessly walked across the room. As they got closer and closer, they finally reached the room and then…

Chapter 3

They found the king in a pool of his own blood, slouched against the red bed. Stab marks covered his empty lifeless body. The room seemed like a death trap.

Suddenly they heard footsteps creeping towards them like a lion about to catch its pray, slowly eating their brain cells and tarring their merciful souls away. The room was no longer calm and quiet. They started to panic and realised they were going to be blamed for this horrific crime. It all made sense, the daggers, the blood. All they could do now was either panic or run.

The walls seemed to close in towards them; they could already hear the death bells ringing in their head. They thought their fate was officially sealed. The petrifying footsteps grew louder and louder; the wind whistled into the castle and filled it with death. The guards trembled back with fear in their souls; their sweat was a tsunami engulfing their faces. What could have possibly happened next...?

Chapter 4

Shaking ferociously, they huddled together in horror and waited - waited for certain death. The doorknob turned and turned - how could they survive? It had to open some time. The guards were quaking in their boots, violently ripping their hair out in horror.

Then it stopped. The footsteps retreated. The wind stopped. All was calm. The two guards wiped the tidal wave of sweat off their faces that had gathered from the suspense that tore the guards apart. They let out a sigh of relief and celebrated in silence. Happily, joyfully and excitedly, the two guards hugged each other, relieved to be alive. The devil had spared their lives. Or had he…?

Chapter 5

Then, they heard muffled arguing. It was loud. It was sleek. They stood strong on the outside. (However, on the inside, they were traumatised and mortified). They were unable to make out who was speaking - they were not able to create an image in their heads.

Suddenly they heard the horrifying sound of footsteps jolting towards them. They were not slow and creepy like the other footsteps. They sounded quick and swift like a cheetah chasing a dear, thumping, loudly making an earthquake crushing the guard’s skull. Louder. Faster. Getting worse every step. Their hearts were pounding rapidly, nearly giving them a heart attack. They had nothing left in them, they were ravenous to live.

Finally.  To their horror. The door creaked open. A mysterious lady stood in the doorway. One Guard proclaimed, “What are you doing here…?" 

Chapter 1
Confused and dizzy, two guards, who were slouched against the wall, came out of the dream world. Where were they? What had happened?

With their eyes adjusting and their heads spinning like wheels, the guards woke up.
“Whoa, why were we asleep? We have failed our jobs.” He panicked worryingly.
“Relax we are fine it was only one night nothing could have possibly happened.” guard two replied with a calm look on his face.
The other guard snapped, “But how did we fall asleep?”

Now with both guards scared, they tried to remember what happened the other night but they could only get one lead.

“I know for a fact someone gave us a drink” exclaimed the guards
“It was a girl!” they said in sync.
As they came to a sudden realisation of who it was they both screamed, “La…”

Chapter 2
The two guards, before they could finish their sentence, looked down only to see bloody daggers sat on their laps like a dog sleeping. The blood dripped onto guard one`s soul but guard two, who throw the dagger away, was fine thinking people would believe him.

As the door walked open, confused and jolted, brave and perplexed they went to investigate. They saw blood everywhere. The king`s resting place, which was covered in blood, had become a crime scene.

Now with Duncan deceased and the guards covered in blood what would happen? Would the guards be executed for treason or claimed innocent?

Chapter 3
The guards realized they had been framed but by who? Why would anyone kill the king? While the guards were thinking about peoples motives, they heard something.

Footsteps! As they got closer and closer, it sounded like a thunderstorm. The daggers whispered guilt. ”Who is it? Do you know?” whispered guard one
Nervously the second guard replied, “I have no idea. Whoever it is let pray they don’t come in.”
With the guards praying for their lives framed, distraught, frightened the footsteps come in like a lion stalking it`s pray. The door creaked open...

Chapter 4
The two guards armed themselves with a dagger and Duncan’s crown. Nervously they stared at the door waiting for them to open it. Quietly, carefully and fortuitously they peaked though the door ready for a fight.

The door creaking slowly was merely an open window letting wind push the door. They notice no one was opening the door, but someone was next to it the guards could not make out who it was.

Suddenly, the blurred figure walked towards the door. The guards recoiled back in panic a shadow that looked like mac…, walked by. Crying in happiness, they mimed celebration.
“I think we are getting out of this!” said guard two joyfully.

Chapter 5
Then as the guard quickly shut the door, they heard something outside the door, but it was in another room. The voices were muffled. They were arguing like a married couple. Who was it? Why were they fighting?

Suddenly the fighting stopped and a firing cannon walked down the hall. The guards were terrified. (On the inside, they would murder to be claimed innocent). It was like a giant. It was at the door.

The second guard nervously hid the dagger and put the crown on Duncan’s head. In preparation for whatever or whoever was behind the door, they stood next to weapons. The doorknob turned. The door opened. They screamed, “Please no, not me no. Don’t kill…”













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