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Thursday, 18 January 2018

A few text messages between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

We tried to imagine what a conversation would look like between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth if it took place today. How would they communicate if they had mobile phones? We placed our scenario at the moment Macbeth finds out about his future destiny through the three witches' prophecy.

We then went on www.classtools.net and used the SMS generator function to type out our dialogues on iPads.

Here are some of our efforts: (They may take a while to load)

Aaron and Kallum

Leo and Brandon
Ruby and Regan
Alastair and Ciaran
Connor and Kianna
Dylan A and Chloe
Dylan C and Cerys
Ellie and Alisha-May

Back up links
Alastair and Ciaran: www.clastools.net/SMS/16_kVTQQF
Ellie and Alisha-May: www.clastools.net/SMS/39_dHaQWA
Ruby and Regan: www.clastools.net/SMS/49_XSaZ53
Connor and Kianna: www.clastools.net/SMS/83_2WMJcH
Dylan A and Chloe: www.clastools.net/SMS/58_GA3Dcc
Dylan C and Cerys: www.clastools.net/SMS/60_2ZES3V
Seren and Denrard: www.clastools.net/SMS/58_kfD87J
Aaron and Kallum: www.clastools.net/SMS/7_6RZDcL
Leo and Brandon: www.clastools.net/SMS/34_Q847ZZ

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