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Friday, 8 December 2017

Rose Blanche - from page to screen

As part of our Second World War topic, 'A Child's War', we have reading Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Christophe Gallaz.

We started off by doing a lot of predictive work on the story (we didn't even read it for the first two weeks!). We made predictions based on the front cover, sequenced the images and role played how we thought the character would behave.  (Click images for bigger versions)

We then focused on one particularly tense sequence of images where a boy escaped from a van, only to be captured and taken back in. Using pupil generated structure strips, we wrote a narrative about those pages.

Our next focus was on a horrific and traumatic discovery of men, women and children hunched being barbed wire at a concentration camp. We did a lot of role play based on how Rose and those trapped inside would feel at their meeting.

We recapped on simile, metaphor and personification and put these techniques to use in writing powerful poems based on the concentration camps within this image.

The final element on our focus on the book was to take it from an image, to a play script, to a storyboard and into a film. We took this image of Rose talking to a boy behind the barbed wires.

Again we role played and hot seated the two characters feelings and came up with questions and answers that the two children may share within a conversation.

We then adapted this into play scripts.

Next we went through some of the modules in the IntoFilm mini film making guides, in particular those looking at storyboarding and came angles. This helped us to adapt our play scripts into storyboards, detailing shot sequences and camera angles.

Finally, we got out the iPads, scouted our locations and began filming. Here are our efforts:

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