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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Revision time

As you are aware, the National Tests are upon us next week. For those who wish to undertake some personal revision at home, I am putting together this blog post with examples of similar questions to those we will have next week.

Reasoning Test Practice:
Year 6 Reasoning
Year 5 Reasoning
Year 4 Reasoning
Guided Reasoning Year 6
Guided Reasoning Year 5
Guided Reasoning Year 4

Procedural Test Practice:
Year 6 Procedural practice 1
Year 6 Procedural practice 2
Year 5 Procedural practice 1
Year 5 Procedural practice 2
Year 4 Procedural practice 1
Year 4 Procedural practice 2

Reading Test:
Practice 1 Reading Book
Practice 1 Questions
Practice 2 Reading Book
Practice 2 Questions

1 comment:

  1. I did the yr 6 reasoning test. I did tons of teeth and I got them all right. Thank you sir for putting there's on here.