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Friday, 27 November 2015

New Prologues to the Lady of Shalott

We have been writing our own new prologue verses to the Lady of Shalott, following the pattern of the poem.
Here are our efforts:


'T'is the fairy' the whispers sang,
And the blue-bells simply rang,
The diamonds in the sky they hang,
Above the witch and her gang,
In for Camelot.
She's the mother of Lancelot,
She maybe good or maybe not,
She trapped her there, left to rot,
In the tower of Shalott.


One year her mother went away,
Her dad went missing the next day,
Her prison was where she had to stay,
Strict rules she must always obey,
Locked away from Camelot,
Her life was gloomy all her time,
She hath no lover she lived to pine,
She never had her time to shine,
The child of Shallot.


There was a lady called Daisy,
All the people called her crazy,
She couldn't see things she was hazy,
She was sleeping being lazy,
Stood there in Camelot,
She's the lover of Lancelot,
Another made her jealous she had planned a plot,
She decided to leave rot,
The lady of Shallott.


Huge anger gripped amongst the king,
As a concerned child did sing,
She had done a very dark thing,
Terrible trouble that she bring,
Trapped away in Camelot.
They dragged her out while she was asleep,
Prisoned in a tower she did weep,
All the secrets she would keep,
The Lady of Shalott.


One year her mother rode away,
Her dad died the very next day,
Her dad in a coffin he lay,
Now locked in a tower dark and grey,
Away from Camelot.
Scared she now felt sick,
Thinking and knowing its a trick,
All the tower was made of brick,
Around about Shallot.


There once was a crazy sister,
She had a horrible mister,
Her mum and dad had missed her,
Sir Lancelot kissed her,
Away from Camelot.
Her sister she had hated,
Him she wished she had dated,
If only sir Lancelot had waited,
Down in old shallot.


  1. Really enjoyed writing these poems, can't wait to do more things based on The Lady of Shallot

  2. this was hard

  3. I wrote the beginning of my own Lady of Shallot. The Lady of Shallott (my version)

    No time hath she to run and play,
    For she weave all night and day,
    The building far from Camelot,
    Is were she lay said Lancelot,
    Far from any living thing,
    The Lady of Shallott.

    She never knew who trapped her there,
    All it did was give her nightmares,
    Where to in old Camelot,
    That concrete building does embower,
    Her beauty is like a flower,
    The Lady of Shallot.

    From the tower at last I’m free
    But now the curse is upon me,
    Now I must go to Camelot,
    One last word I have to say,
    To Sir Lancelot,
    Said The Lady of Shallot.