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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Y Pant Cluster Cross Country Competition - Event 2 - Tonysguborau

On Thursday 15th May, 24 pupils from Years 3-6 took part in Y Pant Cluster's second Cross Country championship held at Tonysguborau. Our squad consisted of 7 Year 5/6 Boys, 5 Year 5/6 Girls, 5 Year 3/4 Boys and 7 Year 3/4 Girls.

The event was set up as follows:

Year 3/4 Girls
Year 3/4 Boys
Year 5/6 Girls
Year 5/6 Boys

The track was quite complex and involved both field and wooded course areas. Year 5/6 pupils had three laps of the track whereas the Year 3/4 pupils had two. The Year 3/4 girls competed first. Tilly came in first out of our girls and 15th overall. The Year 3/4 Boys competed next with Keegan coming first out of our boys and 11th overall. Special mention must go to Joshua who recovered from quite a nasty fall yet still completed the course.

The event saw a lot more entries than the first event which made the competition even more difficult. Next was our Year 5/6 girls with Gracie finishing top out of our girls and 7th overall. Finally, the Year 5/6 Boys stepped up to the track. It was a very competitive race with our top performer being Charles who came in 4th.

The event was run as a team competition with the first 3 competitors from each school scoring points. The aim being for each team to score the lowest total possible e.g. first place = 1 point. If schools had 6 finishers the first 3 would be classed as part of the A team and the second 3 should be classed as the B team.

Year 5/6 Boys:
There were 36 pupils running in this race from 7 schools. If schools had 6 runners finishing the event then they qualified to have 2 teams for the team points competition. This meant that there were 10 teams overall. As we had more than 6 finishers we qualified to have an A and a B team. Our A team finished in 3rd place with a total of 26 points and our B team finished 8th with 62 points.  

The individual positions were:
Charles - 4/36
Dylan - 10/36
Edward - 12/36
William - 18/36
Tawfiq - 21/36
Onyx - 23/36
Ellis - 27/31

Year 5/6 Girls:
There were 6 teams involved in this competition and our girls picked up 5th with 56 points.

The individual positions were:
Gracie - 9/30
Eloise – 24/32
Rebecca - 25/32
Molly - 29/30
Cerys – 30/30

Year 3/4 Boys:
This was the Year 3/4 boys debut. They came in 9th out of the 9 teams.

The individual positions were:
Keegan – 11/36
Ryan – 33/36
Corum – 34/36
Iestyn – 35/36
Joshua – 36/36

Year 3/4 Girls:
Due to having 6+ finishers our school qualified to have an A and B team. Out of the 6 teams our teams finished 5th and 6th.

The individual positions were:
Tilly – 15/23
Farrah – 17/23
Cassie – 18/23
Eliza – 19/23
Freya – 21/23
Lucie – 22/23
Eleanor – 23/23

All pupils performed fantastically and everyone completed the course. Many thanks to the parents for transporting their children to the event and for cheering everyone on.

Year 5/6 Boys Team Positions                   
1st Dolau A                  13
2nd Pontyclun               22
3rd Llanharan A          26
4th Brynnau                 44
5th Tonysguboriau A   52
6th Dolau B                 55
7th Llanhari                 56
8th Llanharan B          62
9th Llantrisant           75
10th Tonysguboriau B  82

Year 5/6 Girls Team Position                     
1st Tonysguboriau A      13
2nd Dolau A                 15
3rd Pontyclun                37
4th Tonysguboriau B     51
5th Llanharan             56
6th Dolau B               60

Year 3/4 Boys Team positions                   
1st Dolau A                10
2nd Pontyclun              23
3rd Dolau B               28
4th Tonysguboriau A    36
5th Tonysguboriau B     57
6th Llantrisant              60
7th Dolau C               65
8th Brynnau              66
9th Llanharan            78

Year 3/4 Girls Team Positions                   
1st Pontyclun             13
2nd Dolau                   18
3rd Brynnau               24
4th Tonysguboriau       38
5th Llanharan A           50
6th Llanharan B            62


  1. I hope everyone enjoyed it and is proud of themselves! That is really good practise for sports day, I bet you will all do well!


  2. I hope everyone enjoyed it and is proud of themselves! That is really good practise for sports day, I bet you will all do well!


  3. Thanks Sophie you should be glad you didn't go it was a heat wave I almost melted. I didn't mind coming last as long as I tried my best. Cerys