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Friday, 31 January 2014

6 Nations predictions - Week 1

Via Twitter we are running a 6 Nations prediction competition. We are going to be tweeting questions as to who they think will be the game winners per week. We will then try to keep a running total of who  is the most successful result predictor!

Week 1 Games:
Wales v Italy
France v England
Ireland v Scotland

Pupil Tweet votes from protected accounts:

Leah: Wales, England & Ireland
Natasha: Wales, England & Ireland

Our prediction tweets:

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  1. So, the prediction results:

    3 out of 3:
    Me (@lps140club), Mr James (@RCCS_MrJames), John Kendall (@RiscaCCS_Head) and English Team (@EASEnglishTeam)

    2 out of 3:
    Sharon Ayoub (@tjdylan), Mr Clement (@llanharanps34), Mr Griffiths (@Griffiths_Mr), Lubas Medical (@Lubasmedical), Richard Case (@TrickyCase)

    1 out of 3:
    LINKS English (@LINKS_English)