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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Romeo and Juliet...the trailer.

Year 5 have been busy using the iPads to make trailers for our performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Sherman Theater on Wednesday 16th October. Our school is one of a select band of schools performing 30 minute Shakespeare plays for the paying public at theatres up and down Great Britain as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

To buy tickets click here

Here are some of our efforts:
Natasha and Molly
Leah and Maddie
Gracie and Danielle 
Katie and Jade
Malea and Caitlin
Ellis and Chloe
Dylan and Karina

Not wanting to be outdone! ;) 
Here's my (Mr Roberts) effort


  1. Loving these! Great work year 5!

  2. Those are brilliant... good luck with the performances!