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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Star orienteering (Number course)

We used our brand new mapped and marked out orienteering course this morning to do a bit of star orienteering. The school was recently surveyed and a scaled map was produced. Last week, a teacher from another school, Mr Thomas, came to help Mr Roberts locate the control points and secure them to fixed locations on the school grounds.

After a brief introduction into the sport, something which we have been working on all this half term, we went out, were given our course (the number course) and had a timed orienteering race.

Pupils were given a letter to start off with and when they located it on the map, went to the location and noted down the number on their control point they returned and selected another random letter. Everyone ended up having the correct answers!

Our times were as follows:

11 minutes: Shani and Jay

17 minutes: Jordan Wa and Antoine

18 minutes: Chloe and Mikey

18 minutes: Joshua and Jared

19 minutes: Tawfiq and Maya

20 minutes: Rosie and Edward

22 minutes: William and Charles

23 minutes: Sophie and Rebecca

24 minutes: Ben and Catherine

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  1. I love orienteering it was fun and I came first in 11 minutes yay!!!!!