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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dr. Ferret and his bad medicine workshop!

We had a visit today (Monday 25th February) from members of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama who held an opera workshop with our class. This was the first time any of the class had experienced any kind of opera so we were all a bit nervous but equally excited. We started off by learning some of the technical facts about opera and were then treated to one of the members singing some opera for us which was amazing! We then had a go at some warm up activities to get ourselves ready for the main part of the workshop which was to look at the opera ‘Dr Ferret and his bad medicine”. We learnt the overview of the story and then freeze framed certain scenes. Finally, we had a go at singing part of one of the main songs in the opera. It was an awesome experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed and now can’t wait till this forthcoming Monday’s performance of ‘Dr Ferret’. 

Scroll down for photos and video clips:




  1. What a lovely post! We had a great time with the pupils of Llanharan and hope you'll enjoy the full performance - it's not your average opera!
    P.S. Jenny (the lion) says "Roaar!"

  2. We can't wait to see it... and be afraid of Jenny the lion!

  3. I really enjoyed the singing and I loved jenny and dr ferret