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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Eleri Maths!

It was Mr Roberts’ first day back today after the birth of his baby daughter Eleri. We did some ‘Eleri’ maths. We knew that Eleri = 3060g when she was born. We chose objects and weighed them. We then used estimation and calculation skills to work out roughly how many objects would be equivalent to one Eleri. We had to learn a new symbol to help us. ≈ is the symbol for approximately.

Here were some of our results.

1 sharpener = 47g           Eleri ≈ 65 sharpeners (3055g)
1 stencil = 38g                 Eleri ≈ 81 stencils (3078g)
1 ruler = 35g                   Eleri ≈ 92 rulers (3070g)
1 board rubber = 26g      Eleri ≈ 118 br (3068g)
1 post it pack = 10g         Eleri = 306 post it packs (3060g)

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