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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Term Topics

This term Year 5/6’s topic is Technotastic – looking at all of the cool technological techniques we can use to enhance things such as stories and books. We will be using cameras, sound recording and editing devices and animation programmes. We are hoping to use a programme called Photoscape to create animated gifs. Here is a link to the free downloadable programme.

Our author focus is Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. We will be focusing on the Prologue and the introduction of the characters involved in the pilgrimage.
A good link for pupils and parent is: http://www.bremesoftware.com/Chaucer/index.htm

In science we will be looking at Changing sounds, which we will link in with the Technotastic topic.

In Welsh we are continuing with our Awyr study, looking at heroes.

Of course, this is Christmas term so we will also be putting lots of effort into our Cinderella Rockafella production.

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