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Monday, 22 October 2012

PESS Multi-Skills PE project

On Friday (19th October) we carried out our baseline tests for our PESS PE Multi-skills pilot project in cooperation with the Y Pant Cluster.

Three tests were carried out to find a baseline for our pupils all around three key areas; agility, balance and coordination.

Our agility test was a slalom run 14m in distance with slalom cones put in place to encourage agility whilst running at top speed. Pupils were testing themselves against the clock.

Our balance test was great fun! Our pupils had to stand on one leg on a spot. Mr Roberts was then stood 2 metres away and passed a ball to the pupil in four areas; left, centre, right and above their head. This was repeated for a maximum time of 1 minute. There was laughter and concentration in equal measures and one child got within hundredths of seconds of the maximum one minute mark.

In our final test pupils were faced with a tennis ball, a wall and a 30 second time slot. They had to throw the ball against the wall with their right hand and then catch it with their left and vice versa until the time period run out. This proved incredibly difficult for our pupils.

We now look forward to going ahead with the multi-skills pilot, putting into place activities and opportunities to improve our all-round skills.

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