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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Romeo & Juliet Rhyming Couplets

The class has been busy creating rhyming couplets using similes and metaphors. They were writing as Romeo upon seeing Juliet for the first time in Act 1 Scene 5. Here are some of their couplets.

First up is David's complete poem where he writes a couplet about Juliet's eyes, lips, skin, smile and the love he feels for her:

How I love your cherry red lips,
Like a river of blood, with rose pink strips,
Enchanting eyes as delicate as a white dove,
World full of excitement waiting for love.
Skin as soft as a butterfly’s wing,
If dumped it will feel lie a hornet’s sting.
Smile glistens like the stars in the sky,
Waiting for a man with love to pass by.
You are full of magic, like the heaven above,
That’s why I want to give you my love.

Next come a selection of couplets from the class:

To touch anyone else’s skin,
Would surely be nothing but a sin.                 

Sweetly her eyes twinkle with grace,
I’m so glad we met at this wondrous place!             

Beautifully her smile pierces my heart,
A new relationship hopefully to start.                 

Her tender lips cannot be missed,
Luxurious pink feathers waiting to be kissed.           

Here is the Romeo and Juliet display featuring some of their couplets.

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